7 Huge Consequences of a Vaporizer / Electronic Cigarette Ban

What if Vaporizers and Electronic Cigarettes were completely banned?  What would the effect be?
Now, the information and statistics are from the UK but you'll get the idea...

Since vaporizers and ecigs were introduced onto the market they've become one of the most popular products since the smart phone.

The total number of people using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers in the UK is roughly 1.5 Million.  61% or 1,000,0000 of these people would return to traditional cigarettes if a ban was put in place on e-cigs.

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We could ramble on about the hows and why e-cigs shouldn't be banned but it's better to illustrate with some statistics and an easy to read infographic below from E-Cigarettes Direct.  

ecig vaporizer ban

5 Reasons People Think Governments Want to Ban Ecigs:

  1. To Protect Tobacco Tax Revenue
  2. Ignorance
  3. Corruption
  4. Don't Know
  5. Health Reason
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