7 Huge Consequences of a Vaporizer / Electronic Cigarette Ban

What if Vaporizers and Electronic Cigarettes were completely banned?  What would the effect be?
Now, the information and statistics are from the UK but you'll get the idea...

Since vaporizers and ecigs were introduced onto the market they've become one of the most popular products since the smart phone.

The total number of people using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers in the UK is roughly 1.5 Million.  61% or 1,000,0000 of these people would return to traditional cigarettes if a ban was put in place on e-cigs.

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We could ramble on about the hows and why e-cigs shouldn't be banned but it's better to illustrate with some statistics and an easy to read infographic below from E-Cigarettes Direct.  

ecig vaporizer ban

5 Reasons People Think Governments Want to Ban Ecigs:

  1. To Protect Tobacco Tax Revenue
  2. Ignorance
  3. Corruption
  4. Don't Know
  5. Health Reason
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Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Electronic Cigarettes

In the 1940's the epitome of cool was Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman smoking a cigarette. Flash forward to the year 2014 and traditional cigarettes no longer have the appeal that they once did. But celebrities still want their nicotine hit and are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes to get it. Read on and find out which famous faces are proud to vape in public.

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio – In the Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo Di Caprio plays the part of a crooked investment banker Jordan Belfort. In the film he lives a life of excess engaging in a life of sexy women, drugs and fast living. In real life Leonardo Di Caprio is a much more subdued character but he still likes his pleasures. This was recently demonstrated at the Golden Globe awards when a camera caught him enjoying an electronic cigarette.
  2. Katherine Heigl - If you were going to say which celebrity started the e-Cig vaping in public trend then Katherine Hiegl would be a good contender. Several years ago she appeared on the David Letterman show where she shared an electronic cigarette with a host. Laughs ensued and a new craze was born.
  3. Katy Perry - Everyone's favourite gospel singer turned teen popster is also a pretty prolific electronic cigarette user. This "California Gurl" enjoys using a heavy duty eGo setup.
  4. Jenny McCarthy – Comedian and ex-playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy has made electronic cigarettes hot with her recent commercials for blu e-Cigs. McCarthy has a reputation as being a bit of a health nut and so if they are good enough to her they are probably good enough for us as well.
  5. John Cusack - John Cusack has career longevity that other stars would love to emulate. Starting off in teen films such as "Say anything" And “16 candles” he has since moved on to more serious adult fare such as “The Butler and “Being John Malkovich.” He also enjoys his electronic cigarettes and has being seen using them in public on multiple occasions.
  6. Robert Pattinson – Those parents who are concerned that celebrity's using electronic cigarettes may influence their children from taking up the habit watch out! Tween heart throb Robert Pattinson is a committed e-Cig user.
  7. Sean Penn - Sean Penn has cultivated something of a tough guy image in Hollywood (Well tough for Hollywood, he did assault a reporter once.) However these days he has replaced puffing away on cigarette for an e-Cig. Still looks pretty bad ass though.
  8. Stephen Dorf - Stephen Dorf was pretty cool in Blade and playing a bad-guy vampire. He's also pretty cool in his new black and white e-Cig ad. The advertisements make them look like an updated version of the Marlboro man for the 21st century.
  9. Paris Hilton – The 2000's most famous rich girl still likes to party. And when she does you can guarantee that she has an electronic cigarette in her hand.
  10. Dennis Quaid - It's not just the younger stars and starlets that enjoy electronic cigarettes. More mature actors like Dennis Quaid star of "Any Given Sunday" also enjoy electronic cigarettes. The only difference is he looks even cooler using them.
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