Will Electronic Cigarettes Invade The Oscars

Electronic Cigarettes are showing up everywhere and even at some of the major popular celebrity events and award ceremonies.  Could the Oscars be next?

Here's what happened at the Golden Globes

“Interestingly Julia has decided to sit in the film section” remarks Tina Fey to Amy Poehler.

“Hi Julia, you know us from TV” says Amy.

Cut to a sunglasses wearing Julia Loius-Dreyfus vaping on a blue LED electronic cigarette. Smiling next to her is Reese Witherspoon who gamely tries to get Julie to take a selfie. Cool as ice Julia waves away the camera.

If you missed it, this was a hilarious little skit that played during January's Golden Globes awards. It was pretty funny stuff and played on the pretensions some actors have about the divide between television and film.

But, the piece was not without a little controversy.

It's no secret that more and more celebrities are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to the electronic version. It is also hard to argue that celebrities aren't influential on public culture. That's why advertisers are willing to pay Kim Kardashian $10,000 for a single tweet about their products. (Whether the Kardashian's are exactly great role models is another question)

As a result of the skit four senators wrote a formal letter of complaint to the producers of the Golden globes. In essence they said that by allowing Julia Louise Dreyfuss to smoke an electronic cigarette on camera they were in effect advertising the product. Of course it didn't help that Julia looked pretty cool as she was doing it.

Julia Dreyfuss was the only celebrity using electronic cigarettes during the Golden Globe's as well. Wolf of Wall Street actor Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen in vaping away on electronic cigarette. This time it was a plain white electronic cigarette and it wasn't any joke. Showing that while celebrities using electronic cigarettes may be a source the humor, it also reflects the reality of the situation. DiCaprio was obviously happy that he could finally enjoy a nicotine hit while still sitting inside.

No matter some senators might think of the golden globes skit, Julia Louise Dreyfuss still managed to find the humour in the situation. She has since retweeted a picture of herself vaping on the electronic cigarette for her followers is to enjoy. And apparently she hasn't hurt her reputation with politicians too much other. While she may have waved away Reese Witherspoons's request for a selfie she was happy to pose for one with real life vice president Joe Biden at a White House state dinner only a few days after the golden globes.