The Top E-Cig Gear for 2014

The Best Accessories for Your E-Cig Collection

In the past 7 years, the e-cigarette market has skyrocketed, turning a niche business into a billion dollar industry and making e-cig products the new “it” thing. Lucky for e-cig aficionados, the growing industry has spurred a rise in quality accessories and must have items to complement e-cigs – and eliminate everyone having identical e-cigs in boring colors and packaging. If you are looking for the latest and greatest new additions to add to your collection, this current round up is for you.
e-cig accessories
e-cig accessories

A Sleek Carrying Case

E-cig cases come in all shapes and sizes but the sleek, metal cases are winning our favor these days. Instead of bulky zippers and run of the mill vinyl finishes on soft cases, the new metal cases keep it simple and classy. The slim shape allows the case to fit in your pocket, bag or glove compartment and the metal finish makes it a chic and stylish addition to your e-cigs.

A Mini USB Charger

For on-the-go e-cigarette users, a new must have is a mini smart charger – a standard sized USB charger that eliminates the bulky cord of some other chargers. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, the mini USB charger lets you recharge your e-cig in half the time. Uber busy e-cig smokers – have no fear, you won’t be without a charge again.

Protective Skins and Wraps

In addition to protecting your e-cig from scratches and fading, the latest skins and wraps allow you to add a little personality to your e-cigs. Choose from a wide array of bright colors (we’re partial to the zebra print!) and get your wrap on. Want a new look tomorrow? Is zebra clashing with your outfit? Have no fear – they’re easy to swap and replace for any type of look.


Lanyards are making their way into e-cig stores across the country.  If you didn’t feel you added enough personality with your protective skins and wraps, now you can add a little bling to your lanyard too! They come in a variety of colors and are so cheap you can pick up a few to match your outfit or your mood for the day.

Click Here for a full List of e-cig accessories.

Do you have or have you heard of another cool e-cig product? Let us know – we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest e-cig gear!

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