4 Tips for Switching to E-Cigs

Today the stigma against cigarette smoking is greater than ever. With the revelation of smoking’s health dangers, as well as a money-hungry and corrupt industry, traditional cigarette smoking is growing more and more out of favor with the public. 

However, quitting smoking the right away, even though you decide you want to, isn’t easy. A very popular alternative is to switch to e-cigarettes.

Switch to e-cigs
Are you thinking about quitting smoking cigarettes and feeling ready to transition to the e-cig? Then check out the list below. These 4 tips can help you switch over seamlessly and kick that bad, addictive habit for good.


1. Try different kinds.

The fact of the matter is -- all e-cigarettes are not created equally. While many e-cigs do differ in quality, they also differ in flavors, shape, size and the way they are used. If you want to switch to vaping successfully, you might have to try several e-cigs until you find one you like. If you don’t like the first few, don’t give up! There are hundreds on the market, and with trial and error, you will (in all likelihood) find one you enjoy.

2. Stay prepared

E-cigarettes require a bit more maintenance than regular cigarettes. With a regular cigarette, you just had to buy it, have a way to light it and smoke it. To vape an e-cigarette, you need to make sure you have enough cartomizers or e-liquid on hand. You also have to charge e-cigarettes to make them work. So, when you switch to an e-cig, make sure you take steps to prepare every day – charge enough e-cigs and have enough cartridges to get you through your day; make sure to order or buy more before you run out.

3. Practice makes perfect.

You’re not going to know how to – or love – using the e-cig right away.   In order to learn how to smoke the e-cig, you’re going to need to practice with it. You don’t need to vape with it all the time – just carry it around, practice handling it, and learn how you it feels good to handle and hold. This will make you more likely to want to use it when you have a craving for nicotine.

4. Support helps.

When you’re trying to quit smoking, it helps to avoid situations and people who are smoking. So, if you have friends who smoke, consider encouraging them to switch to e-cigarettes with you. Or, find a group of people who use e-cigs to act as a support group as you are transitioning. This can help you from cracking and smoking a cigarette when you’re having strong craving or feeling week.

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