10 Fun Facts About E-Cigarettes

A smokeless alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are growing steadily in popularity, with sales in passing the $1 billion mark. We decided to share some interesting facts you might not have known about e-cigarettes. 

Facts about E-Cigarettes
  1. While the first prototype of an electronic cigarette was created in 1963, the first e-cigarette adaptable for commercialization was created in 2003 by a pharmacist in China who also happened to be a heavy smoker. A different version went on the market in China in 2004, and various brands made their way to the United States in 2007 where they quickly gained popularity as a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  2. Since e-cigarettes aren't technically smoked, a new term emerged to described the act of puffing on one. The term vaping arose from the act of inhaling the vapor from heated liquid inside the e cigarettes. 
  3. A recent study published in the the Oxford Journals' Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal showed that while both regular cigarette smoke and electronic cigarette vapor contain nicotine, the concentration in traditional cigarettes is 10 times higher than in e-cigarettes. Additionally, the study found that e-cig vapor did not contain many of the toxic products found in regular cigarette smoke.
  4. Unlike the plain and menthol choices that tradition cigarette smokers have to chose from, vapers enjoy an almost dizzying variety of e-cigarette flavors and styles to choose from. There are menthol varieties, just as with tobacco cigarettes, but e cigs leave them in the dust and go on to cherry, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, citrus and even pina colada.
  5. While the cost of an average pack-a-day tobacco cigarette habit adds up to roughly $1000 per year, the estimated annual cost of a starter kit and  1-year supply of e-cigarette cartridges is $600-700. 
  6. Many celebrities have been photographed using e-cigarettes and the list is growing steadily. Everyone from A-list actors and musicians to international moguls are jumping on the e-cig bandwagon, including Johnny Depp, Simon Cowell, Robert Pattinson, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl, and Katy Perry.
  7. A single disposable electronic cigarette cartridge lasts about 40 times longer than a traditional cigarette.
  8. Because e-cigarettes are smokeless they can be enjoyed in certain public places where no smoking is the general rule. The best news is that the trend is growing. For example, in November of 2013, London's Heathrow airport opened the world's first airport vaping zone.
  9. The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association estimates that nearly 4 million Americans use electronic cigarettes. Additionally, according to the CDC about 1 in 5 adults in the United States has tried e-cigarettes.
  10. E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, varying in length, thickness, color and overall design. E-cigars are available for the connoisseur,  and there is a wide variety of fun skins for customizing your e-cigarette.

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