7 Huge Consequences of a Vaporizer / Electronic Cigarette Ban

What if Vaporizers and Electronic Cigarettes were completely banned?  What would the effect be?
Now, the information and statistics are from the UK but you'll get the idea...

Since vaporizers and ecigs were introduced onto the market they've become one of the most popular products since the smart phone.

The total number of people using electronic cigarettes or vaporizers in the UK is roughly 1.5 Million.  61% or 1,000,0000 of these people would return to traditional cigarettes if a ban was put in place on e-cigs.

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We could ramble on about the hows and why e-cigs shouldn't be banned but it's better to illustrate with some statistics and an easy to read infographic below from E-Cigarettes Direct.  

ecig vaporizer ban

5 Reasons People Think Governments Want to Ban Ecigs:

  1. To Protect Tobacco Tax Revenue
  2. Ignorance
  3. Corruption
  4. Don't Know
  5. Health Reason
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Top 10 Celebrities Who Love Electronic Cigarettes

In the 1940's the epitome of cool was Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman smoking a cigarette. Flash forward to the year 2014 and traditional cigarettes no longer have the appeal that they once did. But celebrities still want their nicotine hit and are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes to get it. Read on and find out which famous faces are proud to vape in public.

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio – In the Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo Di Caprio plays the part of a crooked investment banker Jordan Belfort. In the film he lives a life of excess engaging in a life of sexy women, drugs and fast living. In real life Leonardo Di Caprio is a much more subdued character but he still likes his pleasures. This was recently demonstrated at the Golden Globe awards when a camera caught him enjoying an electronic cigarette.
  2. Katherine Heigl - If you were going to say which celebrity started the e-Cig vaping in public trend then Katherine Hiegl would be a good contender. Several years ago she appeared on the David Letterman show where she shared an electronic cigarette with a host. Laughs ensued and a new craze was born.
  3. Katy Perry - Everyone's favourite gospel singer turned teen popster is also a pretty prolific electronic cigarette user. This "California Gurl" enjoys using a heavy duty eGo setup.
  4. Jenny McCarthy – Comedian and ex-playboy bunny Jenny McCarthy has made electronic cigarettes hot with her recent commercials for blu e-Cigs. McCarthy has a reputation as being a bit of a health nut and so if they are good enough to her they are probably good enough for us as well.
  5. John Cusack - John Cusack has career longevity that other stars would love to emulate. Starting off in teen films such as "Say anything" And “16 candles” he has since moved on to more serious adult fare such as “The Butler and “Being John Malkovich.” He also enjoys his electronic cigarettes and has being seen using them in public on multiple occasions.
  6. Robert Pattinson – Those parents who are concerned that celebrity's using electronic cigarettes may influence their children from taking up the habit watch out! Tween heart throb Robert Pattinson is a committed e-Cig user.
  7. Sean Penn - Sean Penn has cultivated something of a tough guy image in Hollywood (Well tough for Hollywood, he did assault a reporter once.) However these days he has replaced puffing away on cigarette for an e-Cig. Still looks pretty bad ass though.
  8. Stephen Dorf - Stephen Dorf was pretty cool in Blade and playing a bad-guy vampire. He's also pretty cool in his new black and white e-Cig ad. The advertisements make them look like an updated version of the Marlboro man for the 21st century.
  9. Paris Hilton – The 2000's most famous rich girl still likes to party. And when she does you can guarantee that she has an electronic cigarette in her hand.
  10. Dennis Quaid - It's not just the younger stars and starlets that enjoy electronic cigarettes. More mature actors like Dennis Quaid star of "Any Given Sunday" also enjoy electronic cigarettes. The only difference is he looks even cooler using them.
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How Do You Like Your Juice? A Guide To Cartomizers, Atomizers And Cartotanks

SMOK Magneto Vaporizer Mod
SMOK Magneto Vaporizer MOD
When it comes to choosing an e-Juice delivery system, c-Cig users are faced with a number of choices. With cartomizers, cartotanks and clearomizers there are plenty of different options but that can make deciding which to buy even more difficult. Many electronic cigarette users are also a little confused as to the difference between each of these devices. To clear up any confusion here are is a quick guide to e-Juice delivery systems.


An atomizer is typically composed of a wicking material which draws e-Liquid into the device and a heating element which vaporizes the liquid. Wrapped around the wicking is a resistance wire which if activated heats up and turns the liquid into a vapor. The quality of the vapor that an atomizer produces is largely reliant on it's voltage output. Typically the voltage will run anywhere from 1.5 ohms to 3.0 ohms. Some home made coils can go down to 0.2 ohms and produce thick clouds of vapor but they may also pose a safety risk if used improperly.

With the standard three part design that was originally standard for electronic cigarettes the e-liquid container and the atomizer were two separate components. These days the two part electronic cigarette which combines these two pieces are more common. However, there is a range of different designs that users need to know about.


The cartomizer is the most common type of e-Juice delivery system for your standard electronic cigarette. A cartomizer is composed of a heating element and a poly-foam which holds the e-Liquid. At the end of the cartomizer is a "drip tip" which is another name for the mouth piece.


If you want to extend the capacity of a atomizer you can use a cartotank. When the cartomizer is used it needs to have some way for the liquid from the tank to reach the coil. To achieve this holes or slots will be made in the side of the cartomizer. One of the advantages of using a cartotank is that juice levels can be easily monitored.

Read More About CartoTanks


A clearomizer is made up of a clear tank into which the atomizer is placed. The major difference between a cartomizer and a clearomizer is that the poly foam is not used with a clearomizer. Instead a clearomizer uses string like wicks. There are two different types of clearomizer - top coil and bottom coil. With a top coil clearomizer the device needs to be agitated horizontally in order to feed e-Liquid to the wick. With a bottom coil clearomizer you can simply allow gravity to work it's magic to feed the device.

So which is best? Well, there is no one answer to that question. As with any passionate group of hobbyists, hardcore electronic cigarette users often debate the merits of cartotanks vs. clearomizers vs. cartomizers. The fact is that the right choice is the one that you suits your lifestyle and needs best.

Will Electronic Cigarettes Invade The Oscars

Electronic Cigarettes are showing up everywhere and even at some of the major popular celebrity events and award ceremonies.  Could the Oscars be next?

Here's what happened at the Golden Globes

“Interestingly Julia has decided to sit in the film section” remarks Tina Fey to Amy Poehler.

“Hi Julia, you know us from TV” says Amy.

Cut to a sunglasses wearing Julia Loius-Dreyfus vaping on a blue LED electronic cigarette. Smiling next to her is Reese Witherspoon who gamely tries to get Julie to take a selfie. Cool as ice Julia waves away the camera.

If you missed it, this was a hilarious little skit that played during January's Golden Globes awards. It was pretty funny stuff and played on the pretensions some actors have about the divide between television and film.

But, the piece was not without a little controversy.

It's no secret that more and more celebrities are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to the electronic version. It is also hard to argue that celebrities aren't influential on public culture. That's why advertisers are willing to pay Kim Kardashian $10,000 for a single tweet about their products. (Whether the Kardashian's are exactly great role models is another question)

As a result of the skit four senators wrote a formal letter of complaint to the producers of the Golden globes. In essence they said that by allowing Julia Louise Dreyfuss to smoke an electronic cigarette on camera they were in effect advertising the product. Of course it didn't help that Julia looked pretty cool as she was doing it.

Julia Dreyfuss was the only celebrity using electronic cigarettes during the Golden Globe's as well. Wolf of Wall Street actor Leonardo DiCaprio was also seen in vaping away on electronic cigarette. This time it was a plain white electronic cigarette and it wasn't any joke. Showing that while celebrities using electronic cigarettes may be a source the humor, it also reflects the reality of the situation. DiCaprio was obviously happy that he could finally enjoy a nicotine hit while still sitting inside.

No matter some senators might think of the golden globes skit, Julia Louise Dreyfuss still managed to find the humour in the situation. She has since retweeted a picture of herself vaping on the electronic cigarette for her followers is to enjoy. And apparently she hasn't hurt her reputation with politicians too much other. While she may have waved away Reese Witherspoons's request for a selfie she was happy to pose for one with real life vice president Joe Biden at a White House state dinner only a few days after the golden globes.

Top Electronic Cigarette Brands List

The electronic cigarette industry is exploding and continues to grow as people try and kick the habit of traditional smoking, which means more and more e-cig brands and manufacturers are coming onto the market.   There is a lot of talk online of which electronic cigarettes provide the best smoking experience and deliver that consistent vapor, perfect hit and lasting battery life.  Any consumer looking to purchase their first e-cig would benefit from joining Twitter to check out the discussions going on.  A lot of the manufactures and companies selling their brands use #ElectronicCigarettes and #ecigs to tag their tweets, so that is a great place to start for someone looking to purchase their first starter kit.

Joining in the #ElectronicCigarette discussion on Twitter is not only a great opportunity to ask other users their experience with the product but it can also help new e-cig users with:

  • Learning exactly whats needed to purchase to ensure your e-cig experience is a great one.
  • Finding out information about specific companies and the latest products on the market.
  • Reading about events and trends in the electronic cigarette industry.

The electronic cigarette business is constantly evolving and growing, and staying in touch with the manufactures and other users is a great way to keep up.

Below is a list of the Top e-cig brands in the industry.  This list is a constant work in progress so please keep checking back as things evolve.  If you feel your company should be on the list, follow us and send us a message on Twitter @The_eCiggy

Top Electronic Cigarette Brands List


Top Electronic Cigarette Brands List


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The Top E-Cig Gear for 2014

The Best Accessories for Your E-Cig Collection

In the past 7 years, the e-cigarette market has skyrocketed, turning a niche business into a billion dollar industry and making e-cig products the new “it” thing. Lucky for e-cig aficionados, the growing industry has spurred a rise in quality accessories and must have items to complement e-cigs – and eliminate everyone having identical e-cigs in boring colors and packaging. If you are looking for the latest and greatest new additions to add to your collection, this current round up is for you.
e-cig accessories
e-cig accessories

A Sleek Carrying Case

E-cig cases come in all shapes and sizes but the sleek, metal cases are winning our favor these days. Instead of bulky zippers and run of the mill vinyl finishes on soft cases, the new metal cases keep it simple and classy. The slim shape allows the case to fit in your pocket, bag or glove compartment and the metal finish makes it a chic and stylish addition to your e-cigs.

A Mini USB Charger

For on-the-go e-cigarette users, a new must have is a mini smart charger – a standard sized USB charger that eliminates the bulky cord of some other chargers. Small enough to fit just about anywhere, the mini USB charger lets you recharge your e-cig in half the time. Uber busy e-cig smokers – have no fear, you won’t be without a charge again.

Protective Skins and Wraps

In addition to protecting your e-cig from scratches and fading, the latest skins and wraps allow you to add a little personality to your e-cigs. Choose from a wide array of bright colors (we’re partial to the zebra print!) and get your wrap on. Want a new look tomorrow? Is zebra clashing with your outfit? Have no fear – they’re easy to swap and replace for any type of look.


Lanyards are making their way into e-cig stores across the country.  If you didn’t feel you added enough personality with your protective skins and wraps, now you can add a little bling to your lanyard too! They come in a variety of colors and are so cheap you can pick up a few to match your outfit or your mood for the day.

Click Here for a full List of e-cig accessories.

Do you have or have you heard of another cool e-cig product? Let us know – we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest e-cig gear!

10 Fun Facts About E-Cigarettes

A smokeless alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are growing steadily in popularity, with sales in passing the $1 billion mark. We decided to share some interesting facts you might not have known about e-cigarettes. 

Facts about E-Cigarettes
  1. While the first prototype of an electronic cigarette was created in 1963, the first e-cigarette adaptable for commercialization was created in 2003 by a pharmacist in China who also happened to be a heavy smoker. A different version went on the market in China in 2004, and various brands made their way to the United States in 2007 where they quickly gained popularity as a smoke-free alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  2. Since e-cigarettes aren't technically smoked, a new term emerged to described the act of puffing on one. The term vaping arose from the act of inhaling the vapor from heated liquid inside the e cigarettes. 
  3. A recent study published in the the Oxford Journals' Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal showed that while both regular cigarette smoke and electronic cigarette vapor contain nicotine, the concentration in traditional cigarettes is 10 times higher than in e-cigarettes. Additionally, the study found that e-cig vapor did not contain many of the toxic products found in regular cigarette smoke.
  4. Unlike the plain and menthol choices that tradition cigarette smokers have to chose from, vapers enjoy an almost dizzying variety of e-cigarette flavors and styles to choose from. There are menthol varieties, just as with tobacco cigarettes, but e cigs leave them in the dust and go on to cherry, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, citrus and even pina colada.
  5. While the cost of an average pack-a-day tobacco cigarette habit adds up to roughly $1000 per year, the estimated annual cost of a starter kit and  1-year supply of e-cigarette cartridges is $600-700. 
  6. Many celebrities have been photographed using e-cigarettes and the list is growing steadily. Everyone from A-list actors and musicians to international moguls are jumping on the e-cig bandwagon, including Johnny Depp, Simon Cowell, Robert Pattinson, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl, and Katy Perry.
  7. A single disposable electronic cigarette cartridge lasts about 40 times longer than a traditional cigarette.
  8. Because e-cigarettes are smokeless they can be enjoyed in certain public places where no smoking is the general rule. The best news is that the trend is growing. For example, in November of 2013, London's Heathrow airport opened the world's first airport vaping zone.
  9. The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association estimates that nearly 4 million Americans use electronic cigarettes. Additionally, according to the CDC about 1 in 5 adults in the United States has tried e-cigarettes.
  10. E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, varying in length, thickness, color and overall design. E-cigars are available for the connoisseur,  and there is a wide variety of fun skins for customizing your e-cigarette.

4 Tips for Switching to E-Cigs

Today the stigma against cigarette smoking is greater than ever. With the revelation of smoking’s health dangers, as well as a money-hungry and corrupt industry, traditional cigarette smoking is growing more and more out of favor with the public. 

However, quitting smoking the right away, even though you decide you want to, isn’t easy. A very popular alternative is to switch to e-cigarettes.

Switch to e-cigs
Are you thinking about quitting smoking cigarettes and feeling ready to transition to the e-cig? Then check out the list below. These 4 tips can help you switch over seamlessly and kick that bad, addictive habit for good.


1. Try different kinds.

The fact of the matter is -- all e-cigarettes are not created equally. While many e-cigs do differ in quality, they also differ in flavors, shape, size and the way they are used. If you want to switch to vaping successfully, you might have to try several e-cigs until you find one you like. If you don’t like the first few, don’t give up! There are hundreds on the market, and with trial and error, you will (in all likelihood) find one you enjoy.

2. Stay prepared

E-cigarettes require a bit more maintenance than regular cigarettes. With a regular cigarette, you just had to buy it, have a way to light it and smoke it. To vape an e-cigarette, you need to make sure you have enough cartomizers or e-liquid on hand. You also have to charge e-cigarettes to make them work. So, when you switch to an e-cig, make sure you take steps to prepare every day – charge enough e-cigs and have enough cartridges to get you through your day; make sure to order or buy more before you run out.

3. Practice makes perfect.

You’re not going to know how to – or love – using the e-cig right away.   In order to learn how to smoke the e-cig, you’re going to need to practice with it. You don’t need to vape with it all the time – just carry it around, practice handling it, and learn how you it feels good to handle and hold. This will make you more likely to want to use it when you have a craving for nicotine.

4. Support helps.

When you’re trying to quit smoking, it helps to avoid situations and people who are smoking. So, if you have friends who smoke, consider encouraging them to switch to e-cigarettes with you. Or, find a group of people who use e-cigs to act as a support group as you are transitioning. This can help you from cracking and smoking a cigarette when you’re having strong craving or feeling week.