Four Celebrities That Vape

Movie stars and celebrities have long been trend-setters in American culture—and with the advent of the internet (and perhaps because of more diligence on the part of the paparazzi), they are able to influence trends and behaviors all around the world. In this sense, we can be extremely glad that photos have begun surfacing of A-list celebrities that have been bettering their lives by making the switch to e-cigarettes and vaporizers over analogue cigarettes.

Celebrities That Vape

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leo Di-o has smoked on screen before, but has been sighted using e-cigarettes as recently as a couple of months ago. One of the earlier more famous photos of him vaporizing included him on a bicycle—from a distance he actually looked like he was biking and smoking an analogue.

Katherine Heigl 

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl was first publicly shown vaping on David Letterman’s primetime national television show in 2010. As a smoker since the age of 25, she claimed that she had tried gum, cold-turkey, and prescription solutions for cessation, but ultimately landed on e-cigarettes.

Josh Harris 

Phil Harris, Josh Harris, and Jake Anderson became well-known in television-viewing households after the success of their Discovery Channel program, “The Deadliest Catch”. Phil passed away in 2010 due to stroke incited by consistent smoking. Since then, Josh Harris has begun promoting e-cigarettes as a cessation tool to help others avoid the same

Johnny Depp 

While we’ll admit that Johnny Depp has not been confirmed to have actually switched to electronic cigarettes (he is a long-time smoker of analogues), he was the first actor in Hollywood’s history to vape on the silver screen. In his film “The Tourist” featuring Angelina Jolie, he explains:

 “…it’s not a real cigarette – it’s electronic. It delivers the same amount of nicotine but the smoke is water vapor. Yeah, watch [puffs on the e-cig, taps it into hand to show there is no flame, before tucking it into his jacket pocket.]”

Electronic Cigarettes vs. Portable Vaporizers

electronic cigarettes vs portable vaporizers
With the constantly expanding market of electronic cigarettes in full swing, a new debate has taken shape. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes, many are wondering which is best, portable vaporizers or electronic cigarettes.

Although these two products are highly synonymous and often interchangeable, they are different.

Portable Vaporizers

These are portable but not nearly as small as an electronic cigarette.  One of the strongest point for using the portable vaporizer is the fact that it doesn’t cycle in the way an electronic cigarette does. Cycling is when the electronic cigarette goes through the process of vaporizing the liquid nicotine. Fast smokers will often smoke at a pace faster than the electronic cigarette can cycle. This can be frustrating.

Using a portable vaporizer provides a larger variety of flavors. They have been around much longer than electronic cigarettes.

Another thing that many people like about portable vaporizers is that they vaporize oil or dry herbs including tobacco, instead of using liquid nicotine like electronic cigarettes.

One of the downsides to portable vaporizers is that the better ones are not as portable.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are treated more like traditional cigarettes, although they function, in many ways, like the portable vaporizers. The primary difference between electronic cigarettes is the fact that electronic cigarettes use liquid nicotine instead oils and dry herbs and portable vaporizers have a larger variety of flavors.  Will the disparity between these two methods as far as flavors are concerned,  diminish as the popularity of the electronic cigarette increases and the industry grows in correlation with its popularity?   We'll soon find out.

The truth is there is very little difference. Which method of vaporization you choose is more left to personal preference than anything else. Is the explosion of the electronic cigarette market an indicator that e-cigs will be the most popular method of vaporization by 2017?   Only time will tell.