5 E-Cigarette Ads From Best to Worst

Cigarettes haven't been marketed well since the Mad Men days of advertising. Now with e-cigarettes, advertising has a whole new potential. Below are the 5 best e-cigarette ads, ranked from worst to best:

e-cigarette ads

5. Stephen Dorf - Blu

With a badass like Stephen Dorf, you think someone could have written a better hook than "C'mon guys, rise from the ashes." Why not ride on the message, "We are all adults here" and re-brand smoking as a responsible, personal choice? Sadly, this ad's potential was ruined with one, corny catchphrase.

4. "Take Back Your Freedom" With Blu

Quick and simple - that's what you can say about Blu's ad. The benefits are highlighted well here: the smoker has complete control over the habit. Unfortunately, nothing is memorable, which is exactly what you do not want when showing an advertisement.

3. "Re-Writing The Rules" - Fin Electronic Cigarettes

This ad does a great job of appealing to younger smokers. The line "There was a time when no one was offended by it; that time has come again." says it all, capturing a lifestyle where smoking can be cool again. However, the idea of resurrecting a generation of cool young smokers is a bit ambitious and possibly delusional.

2. Courtney Love - NJoy

The stuffy and uptight party host in this commercial personifies the smoker's worst enemy: the person who admonishes a complete stranger for their habit, in public. Courtney Love, the queen of I-Do-What-I-Want, is the hero here and stands up for smokers everywhere. And that's all that smokers really want, is to retain their pride and not be embarrassed by personal choices, which this ad delivers very effectively.

1. The New Marlboro Man

What better way to create an e-cigarette ad than to look to the past? Here, the Marlboro Man has been modernized while still capturing the classic look from the old advertisements. This ad created more than a campaign; it created an archetype.

E-cigarettes are still relatively new, but we're sure to see more interesting ads in the future. Be sure to visit our blog regularly as these ads roll out.

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