5 E-Cigarette Ads From Best to Worst

Cigarettes haven't been marketed well since the Mad Men days of advertising. Now with e-cigarettes, advertising has a whole new potential. Below are the 5 best e-cigarette ads, ranked from worst to best:

e-cigarette ads

5. Stephen Dorf - Blu

With a badass like Stephen Dorf, you think someone could have written a better hook than "C'mon guys, rise from the ashes." Why not ride on the message, "We are all adults here" and re-brand smoking as a responsible, personal choice? Sadly, this ad's potential was ruined with one, corny catchphrase.

4. "Take Back Your Freedom" With Blu

Quick and simple - that's what you can say about Blu's ad. The benefits are highlighted well here: the smoker has complete control over the habit. Unfortunately, nothing is memorable, which is exactly what you do not want when showing an advertisement.

3. "Re-Writing The Rules" - Fin Electronic Cigarettes

This ad does a great job of appealing to younger smokers. The line "There was a time when no one was offended by it; that time has come again." says it all, capturing a lifestyle where smoking can be cool again. However, the idea of resurrecting a generation of cool young smokers is a bit ambitious and possibly delusional.

2. Courtney Love - NJoy

The stuffy and uptight party host in this commercial personifies the smoker's worst enemy: the person who admonishes a complete stranger for their habit, in public. Courtney Love, the queen of I-Do-What-I-Want, is the hero here and stands up for smokers everywhere. And that's all that smokers really want, is to retain their pride and not be embarrassed by personal choices, which this ad delivers very effectively.

1. The New Marlboro Man

What better way to create an e-cigarette ad than to look to the past? Here, the Marlboro Man has been modernized while still capturing the classic look from the old advertisements. This ad created more than a campaign; it created an archetype.

E-cigarettes are still relatively new, but we're sure to see more interesting ads in the future. Be sure to visit our blog regularly as these ads roll out.

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How to Stay Healthy
How To Stay Helthy

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Why are Electronic Cigarettes so Popular?

Electronic cigarette smoking has not completely replaced traditional smoking but it surely is on its way to do so.

An electronic cigarette also known as a PV (Personal Vaporizer) is an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution. The device does not involve any smoke and it therefore brings up the debate of second hand smoke.

E-cigarettes are rapidly becoming one of the most demanding products on the market in the U.S. More and more companies are investing in this industry as many people are opting for E-cigarettes. One of the major benefits that companies are claiming is that you can smoke almost anywhere as e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, they produce a vapor.

Electronic cigarette companies are booming and the business has been able to capture ten percent to fourteen percent of the smoking industry.

E-cigarettes come in many different and attractive designs making them more compelling to the end user. Also many celebrities today are opting for e-cigarettes bringing even more attention to the product. After seeing the popularity of e-cigarettes many well-renowned tobacco companies are planning to enter the business and their advantage over other e-cig companies is yet to be determined.

So it seems that the business as well as the competition is going to increase in this industry. However staying at the forefront of the market is the The eCiggy,  providing their customers with some of the best service and quality e-cigs on the market. 

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5 Popular Names in the Electronic Cigarette Industry

5 Names in the Electronic Cigarette Industry
Carl Philips

Renowned all over the world as an expert at on tobacco control. He also ran the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute at the University of Alberta in Canada. Since day one, he has been fighting to get the scientific evidence in favor of e-cigarettes out to the public. He is an outspoken supporter of e-cigarettes and he can be often seen at panel discussions on tobacco harm reduction methods. A committed supporter of electronic cigarettes, he frequently argues that they are less dangerous than tobacco.

Michael Siegel

A physician of the Boston University School of Public Health is a reputed figure in the tobacco harm reduction domain. His Tobacco Analysis blog frequently gives the readers the other story about new studies or media reports. He has been featured a lot in the media and also oversees research into electronic cigarettes.

Scott Ballin

A tobacco and health policy consultant in Washington and runs the Tobacco at a Crossroads alliance. He is more into the policy aspects of the things. In the past, he was VP for Public Policy and Legislative Counsel at the American Heart Association, and also was the chairman of the Coalition on Smoking. It is safe to say that he has enough experience as a legislator. Right from the beginning he has been vocal about modernizing tobacco laws to account for products like e-cigarettes.

Dr. Murray Laugesen

Widely known as the founder of Health New Zealand, and has more than 18 years’ experience as a researcher in tobacco policy and cigarettes. He is the author of more than 40 research papers and is also the founder of End Smoking NZ, a charitable institution committed to ending the use of burnable cigarettes by 2025 in the country of New Zealand. His endeavors in the field have established him as a leading individual voice.

Paul Bergen

Regularly featured in the media in connection to e-cigarettes. He is a highly active blogger and is a pivotal voice in removing the myths around the new technology. His support is crucial in bringing a change in mindsets.

The above men are doing their bit to not only talk openly about ending tobacco consumption but also to spread a positive word about electronic cigarettes. As more and more people are accepting e-cigs, there will be a huge surge sales.

Electronic Cigarette Growth

The electronic cigarette market is attracting investors from all over the world. 

Electronic Cigarette Growth
Electronic Cigarette Growth
There is no denying that the e-cigarette market has grown tremendously. Overtime, millions of users have become a part of this multi-million dollar industry. A number of industry experts are saying that the consumption of e-cigs could exceed that of traditional cigarettes in the coming decade or so. 

Investors believe that this high growth industry is a great way to safeguard investments and at the same time minimize risk. The demand for battery operated electronic cigarettes has evolved massively and this has made investors keep a close watch on the consumption patterns.

The demand for the best electronic cigarette brands will continue to rise among adults. Also, the use of e-cigs indoors is banned in certain states this won’t stop the industry to grow further.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to emphasize regulatory authority over e-cigs in the future. Also, public health officials believe that safety of e-cigarettes and their effectiveness in assisting people quit tobacco smoking is still understudied.

Nonetheless, investors continue to put in massive confidence in the product and the market at large. A majority of consumers agree that e-cigs are safe. A number of benefits are rendered by a wide array of e-cigarette producers. A number of aspects lure people to e-cigs. Be it the design or flavor, people simply like the fact that it is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

In the days to come, the advent of new technologies in this field will ensure that more people get on board. A number of celebrities are investing heavily in the electronic cigarette industry. A number of sources have revealed that Sean Parker is investing $75m in the electronic cigarette brand. All of this is great for the e-cigarette market.

Overtime, a whole host of suppliers have been leveraging this positive sentiment and offering best in class products. With an increasing number of people accepting e-cigs, more and more companies have started offering these products.