Why You Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Overtime, more and more people have started smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes. Paying no heed to all the warnings etc., they continue to hold the cancer stick. One of the best ways to promote safety in smoking is through the use of electronic cigarettes. The increasing adoption of the electronic cigarette proves the safety and benefits of usage of an electronic cigarette. This is why the sales of electronic cigarettes have been skyrocketing through and through. 
But are electronic cigarettes better than standard tobacco ones? Well, taking all factors into perspective, the answer is an emphatic yes. 
There is no denying that electronic cigarettes are definitely much safer than tobacco cigarettes.  Tobacco cigarettes contain both nicotine and a more harmful tobacco and roughly 4800 dangerous chemicals. 
The Graphic below is from Greatist and shows what happens when a smoker quits tobacco based cigarettes over a 15 year timeline.
Smokers Timeline

Electronic cigarettes are basically developed to operate with batteries and atomizers. This is the reason why they do not release any form of toxic smoke. This is just one another merit that e-cigarettes have that tobacco cigarettes don’t. The vapor that is generated from electronic cigarettes is a result of the liquid and this smokeless aspect also lowers the cases of harm caused by second-hand smoke.
In addition, the electronic cigarette is devised to provide the smoker the same feeling that he or she would get from smoking a tobacco-filled cigarette. 

Some Pluses of Electronic Cigarettes

  • Can be used on-the-go
  • Often come in kits that make it possible for users to charge one battery while they use another
  • Are any day a fashionable and appealing option as they come in a myriad of superb brands, colors, and flavors
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