Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Electronic Cigarettes

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind when choosing your electronic cigarettes:  

Electronic Cigarettes

Check the Amperage 

A key factor that you must take into consideration when purchasing an e-cig battery is its amperage. The highest attainable amperage is 1300mAh and the least is 180mAh. Batteries with high amperage can withstand for longer periods of time while the ones with low amperage run for short periods of time. So you should opt for a battery with high amperage in order to lower the frequency of charging it.

Look at Compatibility

Not all battery models are compatible with e-cigarette cartridges and atomizers. In any case, you should buy a battery that is compatible with your atomizer as well as cartridge. It is better that you carry the battery that you are currently using and buy the correct one.

Means to Charge the Battery 

It is pivotal to be aware of the battery’s charge ability. Nowadays, a large number of people like to charge their electronic cigarettes while they are traveling. If you also do that, then it is best to opt for 12 DC charging and other back-ups. These allow you to charge the battery through your car charger socket or even your laptop.

Warranty is Important

Like any other electronic device, e-cig batteries are susceptible to breakdown. Because of this, you must ensure to get maximum return on your money by getting hold of a battery that has been protected under manufacturer’s warranty. Batteries without warranties might seem luring because of the low cost but their functionality is equally deadpan.


While buying a high quality product is definitely important, it is also equally crucial to preserve it afterwards. That is why you should work toward maintaining your battery and in turn avail superb benefits. Be sure to let the e-cig battery cool down after approximately 7 puffs and keep it away from magnetic items.

If you wish to get the most from your electronic cigarette, then it is absolutely essential for you to keep the aforementioned points in mind.

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