Will Electronic Cigarettes be Classified as Medication

electronic cigarettes classified as medicine
The word is by 2016, electronic cigarettes as well as products consisting of nicotine will be classified as well as licensed as medication.

Under proposals to strengthen regulation, electronic cigarettes are to be categorized as medicines.

But, the manufacturers of e-cigs say that they will not accept this classification unless compelled to do so by EU law. 

The e-cigarettes deliver an experience that is same as standard cigarettes. By heating liquid nicotine in a disposable cartridge and generating a vapor, e-cigs provide a superior feeling.

In the UK, there is no sign of a ban on e-cigs even though France is considering a ban on using e-cigarettes in public areas. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in Britain has recently stated that it would regulate products like these to make sure that they are safe. Britain has been putting stress for an EU-wide law on regulating products that contain nicotine. It expects the adoption of legislation in 2014 and to go into effect in Britain in 2016. The agency has stated that it will need manufacturers to reveal info on quality of product and how they stand in juxtaposition with those manufactured by competitors.

Given the newness of the product, there is a lot of speculation and talk about the legality of electronic cigarettes. So classifying the product as a medicine is bound to raise many question marks in the minds of manufacturers and legal experts.

All that can be done right now is observing how everything pans out. There are a wide range of benefits that make e-cigarettes a great choice for smokers.

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