Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

We get the question quite often, "do electronic cigarettes work?"  Well, today we bring you an infographic on The Breakdown of E-Cigs which gives you facts and stats to help you make that decision.

An estimated 46 million people smoke cigarettes in the United States but the numbers are now starting to drop.  More and more people are trying electronic cigarettes.

1 electronic cigarette cartridge is equal to 25 cigarettes saving the user hundreds of dollars each year.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

According to the Infographic there are 4,000 less chemicals in e-cigs and it's intended to omit the related health risks associated with traditional smoking.

Todays infographic is brought to us by Electronic Cigarette Reviews and really gives us great comparison of e-cigs vs. traditional cigarettes.  With a little more education, hopefully now you can better answer the question, "do electronic cigarettes work"?

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