Ways In Which Smoking Damages Your Appearance; Electronic Cigarettes Are a Better Alternative

Smoking not only causes harm to your internal organs but it also leaves a negative impact on your physical appearance.
effects of cigarette smokingBack in the day, Dr. Douglas Model had coined the term “smoker’s face” to explain the facial changes that a regular smoker undergoes, and that could be even seen with bare eyes. 
Let’s take a look at some of the ways through which smoking (more specifically, traditional tobacco smoking) affects your looks:
  1. Dull skin: The carbon monoxide released by cigarette smoke depletes the oxygen in the skin. This lessens the amount of nutrients that assist in protecting and repairing skin damage, causing dullness and wrinkles. 
  2.  Thinning of hair: A number of researchers have come to the conclusion that harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke destroy the DNA in hair follicles leading to thinning and graying of hair. Also, chain smoking also causes the problem of hair loss.
  3.  Bags under eyes: The addiction to nicotine leads to frequent sleep disruptions in the night. This results in bags under the eyes and dark circles.
  4. Protruding belly: A recent study shows that smokers have more primeval fat than people who don’t smoke. This is contrary to the general notion that smokers have lower body weight as cigarettes curb the appetite.
  5. Stretch marks: While speedy weight gain does cause stretch marks to appear on the skin, smoking can also damage the connective tissues and fibers thereby making them lose their elasticity and strength
  6. Discoloration of teeth: Stained teeth are a common a problem faced by almost all smokers across the world. Even though there are procedures that help whiten them, but these can be expensive and lead to tooth sensitivity.
  7. Premature aging and wrinkles: Numerous studies have shown that smoking can accelerate aging as it lowers the blood supply that keeps skin tissue healthy. Also, smokers develop wrinkles way earlier than non-smokers.
  8. Dental diseases: It is widely known that smokers are prone to more dental problems than non-smokers. 

All in all, it is absolutely important for smokers to be aware of all these negative effects of the physical appearance. If you are finding it hard to give up traditional cigarettes, it is always better to rely on a new age innovation like electronic cigarettes.

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