Switch To Electronic Cigarettes and Exapnd Your Life Span

Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
Quitting smoking early can expand your lifespan.  Everybody today is aware about the ill-effects of smoking. It is a slow killer which severely affects the health of the smoker causing serious health problems starting from heart & lung diseases to strokes. 
However, still there are a whole lot of smokers in the US with the habit prevalent among the age-groups ranging from teenagers to the elderly and both genders. 
The alarming statistics reveal that around 20-25% teenagers have smoked a cigarette at least once in the US. 
In fact, according to analysts these are just conservative estimates with the actual number likely to be much higher. Although cigarette smoking poses health hazards for everybody who lights up a stick some recent researches have revealed facts that may be alarming for the women smokers.
The numbers related to smokers in the country continue to rise which is undoubtedly a worrisome situation, taking into account the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. This also highlights the pressing need to generate more awareness among individuals regarding the hazardous health effects of cigarette smoking and how quitting early can help expand the lifespan of smokers. 
Women who quit smoking before the age of 40 can extend their life by almost 10 years. Additionally, smoking women were at greater death risk than those who quit smoking at an early age. The same applies to men as well as they can lessen the damage caused by tobacco and nicotine by stopping.
But these things are easier said than done because we all know that the addiction to nicotine or cigarette smoking is hard to break and it takes a lot of effort on the part of the smoker to stay away from cigarettes. A person goes through a number of transitionary experiences both on the mental and physical level on the quest to give up the cigarette completely. The mental and physical withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking might test you to the core; however, the end result will definitely be a positive one. If you are planning on giving up smoking there are many vices out there to assist you.  From nicotine patches to chewing gums and electronic cigarettes a whole lot of alternatives are available for smokers today.
Among the aforementioned aids electronic cigarettes may prove to be the most effective in getting rid of the habit gradually. Since, they have the same look and appeal of a traditional cigarette they provide the most satisfactory experience to the smokers making them much more comfortable in reclining gradually. The varied nicotine strengths and different flavors act as major advantages on the side of the e-cigs. If you wish to buy electronic cigarettes of superlative quality, then head to http://www.theeciggy.com/.

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