FIve Reasons To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are one innovation that has taken the US market by a storm in the past two years. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of these non-conventional cigarettes with everybody from celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio to the normal American opting for e-cigs to steer clear of the dangerous effects of cigarette smoking. 
According to a research done by Action on Smoking and Tobacco (ASH), the proportion of smokers (who are currently using e-cigarettes) has doubled over from 3% back in 2010 to 7% in ’12. 
This is evidence enough of the ever-increasing adoption of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones. Here are five top points that go on to explain the reasons behind the rapid popularity of electronic cigarettes.
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Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The obvious health benefits that e-cigarettes have over the traditional ones act as the biggest motivator for people to opt from them. Electronic cigarettes are virtually free from tobacco and produce no smoke, ash or tar. Thus, these not only provide benefits to the smoker but also to those around him as they do not have to take in the harmful smoke emitted by tobacco-based cigarettes. The quantity of nicotine is also very low so all the health affecting substances are almost absent from the e-cigs.

Electronic Cigarettes Simulate the Effect of Smoking

Now, those who have been planning to quit smoking for long but are failing in all their efforts must consider switching to electronic cigarettes. There are several aids available in the market like nicotine patches and special chewing gums meant to assist giving up smoking but nothing simulates the effect and feel of original smoking like the e-cigs. These can therefore prove to be of vital assistance in reclining from the habit gradually.

  Cost Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

One cartridge of electronic cigarettes roughly equals a pack of the traditional ones. Plus, the smoker has complete control over when to inhale the liquid as against the tobacco-based cigarettes that continue to burn. Even though the cost of electronic cigarettes is high initially, it proves to be a much more cost-effective option in the long run.

  Electronic Cigarette Options

E-cigs are available in a host of flavors like mint tea, menthol, coffee, chocolate and cherry thus offering a plethora of choices to the buyers.

 Sourcing Electronic Cigarettes

Are you wondering where to buy electronic cigarettes of the best quality? Although there are also some physical stores that stock and sell e-cigs, it is any day better to buy them from a trusted online supplier at affordable prices.
The role of e-cigs in helping smokers stay away from traditional tobacco cigarettes is huge which is why even famous celebrities like have successfully shifted to e-cigs. Owing to the positive reception of e-cigs, a number of leading e-shops have gotten incepted and that offer top quality products. One such online store is The eCiggy. Head to the website to find out what they have to offer.

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