Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

Should electronic cigarettes be allowed in public places?
Should e-cigs be allowed in Public Places?
The increasing popularity of e cigarettes has led to a rise in questions concerning public acceptance of electronic cigarettes. 
For example, will smokeless cigarettes be allowed inside non-smoking areas? 
Questions like this can be convincingly answered but first it is imperative that the consumer out there gets comprehensive info and training about the way in which electronic cigarettes work. Once a sense of safety (with regards to e-cigs) is established in the minds of the user, the public perception will truly change.
Electronic cigarettes make use of an electronic system that is rather intricate. 
  1. The smoker inhales the smoke as he/she would a traditional cigarette.
  2. As the user draws air via the chamber, a liquid present in the cartridge is heated to generate a vapor that is drawn into the smoker’s lungs. Because of this, smoking e-cigs is also known as vaping. 
  3. The warm vapor renders a familiar sensation (felt when smoking traditional cigs) to the smoker and the vapor is thereafter exhaled like a normal cigarette. 
Basically, smokeless cigarettes are almost exactly like tobacco-filled cigarettes minus all the chemicals.
In the recent times, a number of reports of e cigarette users being thrown out of bars and restaurants (where smoking is not allowed) have come to light. And each time such an incident has been happening, their response is that they are not smoking a cigarette. When non-smokers are confronted with the facts associated with the non-harmful nature of e-cigs, they use weak reasoning’s to defend their actions.
Even though quite a few different kinds of liquids are used in many models, one of the most extensively used liquid is propylene glycol. 
This liquid has for long been considered safe for human consumption by the FDA
The problem lies in the lack of enough data to support the safety of inhaling the vapor. It is imperative for major e-cigarettemanufacturers like V2 Cigs and others to sit with the people at the FDA and find a category to fit electronic cigarettes. 
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