A Few Truths About Electronic Cigarettes

There is a brand new invention in the recent years that is creating a lot of buzz among the people who smoke - the electronic cigarette. These non-conventional sticks have gained immense popularity in the past few years as the smokeless cigarette. The e-cigs have managed to change the legal landscape for smokers all over the world as these effectively simulate the experience of smoking an actual cigarette, without all of the health or legal issues surrounding the traditional ones. So, from celebrities to the common smokers everybody is turning to electronic cigarettes for the obvious benefits that they offer over the tobacco based cigarettes.
Here are some truths about electronic cigarettes that you should know:

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

While electronic cigarettes have much of the same look and appeal of traditional cigarettes, these function quite differently. The e-cigs are made up of a 2 or 3 piece design comprising of the:
Electronic Cigarette Make-Up
  1. atomizer
  2. flavor cartridge
  3. battery
When you inhale from an e-cigarette, you activate a "flow censor" which releases a water vapor containing:
  1. nicotine
  2. propylene glycol
  3. scent that simulates the flavor of tobacco
So, they do not actually burn any tobacco or any of the other cancer causing agents but produce the same sensation as your favorite cigarette. Additionally, nicotine is also present in minute quantities in the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Help With Quitting Smoking?

Though many companies promote electronic cigarettes as essentially quit-smoking devices, these are not exclusively meant for this purpose. There is no doubt in the fact that many smokers turn to e-cigarettes in order to reduce their consumption. 
According to a study headed by Ricardo Polosa from the Center of Smoking Prevention and Cure, there was 80% decline in cigarettes consumption among smokers and the harmful effects attached with using e-cigs disappeared by the 24th week. 
Electronic cigarettes come in different flavors & strengths. Those who wish to cut down the habit can start with a higher nicotine cartridge and then gradually move down to the ones with low nicotine levels.  
So, it is apt to say that electronic cigarettes are effective substitutes of traditional cigarettes but not sure shot solutions for quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Cost

There are certainly cost benefits associated with the use of electronic cigarettes. With a little initial investment you can go on to reap these benefits for a long time because e-cigs are refillable, rechargeable and one e-cigarette kit roughly equals to 24 packets of cigarette. An electronic cigarette company offers all the parts and accessories like starter kits & refilling cartridges, thus making everything available under one single source.
Today, you can easily buy electronic cigarettes online, so there are no hassles involved in finding them. One of the most trusted suppliers of e-cigs online is The eCiggy, a company that has been on the forefront of providing top quality products at low prices. Visit http://www.theeciggy.com/ to know more.

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