3 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes Destroyed

Electronic Cigarette Myths
For people who are looking to quit smoking, smokeless cigarettes have been a superb option. But overtime, a list of myths has surrounded this option. Let’s take a look at three myths that hover around electronic cigarettes.

Myth #1: Fruit flavored smokeless cigarettes are used to lure young people.

Going by this rationale, the many healthcare companies manufacturing and marketing flavored cough drops would have shut down by now. So it is wrong to target electronic cigarette companies for marketing to a young crowd just because they use fruity flavoring. Flavoring is used only to improve the taste of the e-cigarette. In other words, it is an incorrect assumption made by people who are up in arms against electronic cigarettes.

Myth #2: Smokeless cigarette companies market deliberately to non-smokers.

In a majority of the cases, a consumer who is buying a smokeless cigarette is opting for this solution so as to steer clear of his/her habit of smoking tobacco-filled cigs. The fact is non-smokers are averse to the whole concept of smoking and the harm caused in the process, so they wouldn’t touch any type of stick, smokeless or otherwise. Basically, smokeless cigs are meant to help traditional smokers stop their bad habit.

Myth #3: E-cigarettes are filled with dangerous side effects.

Like any other new product, even smokeless cigarettes can cause a number of side effects in the beginning. But mostly, the side effects are nothing but the withdrawal symptoms experienced from quitting traditional smoking. The reality is that smokeless cigarettes do not emit all the toxic substances that traditional cigs do and they carry 4000 less chemicals.
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