3 Merits and 3 Demerits of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
If you want to try electronic cigarettes then a disposable e-cig is a good way to start.  Disposable e-cigs are sold at convenience and drug stores at prices in the range of $10 each.  This allows you to get a feel for electronic cigarettes before you make the leap and purchase your starter kit.   It's important to do your research and find a reliable manufacture who also makes disposables.   There are a lot of cheap disposable e-cigs on the market that could give you the wrong impression.

A disposable e-cigarette package usually consists of a complete e-cigarette that contains a non-rechargeable battery and liquid-filled cartridge. When the battery stops working or the cartridge becomes empty, you throw away the entire cigarette. Mostly, one disposable e-cigarette lasts about as long as one to two packs of cigarettes. A $9.99 disposable e-cigarette is a superb offer considering that a pack of normal cigarettes costs $6.
The longevity of disposables is directly dependent on how often you inhale on the e-cigarette. Let’s take a look at some of the merits and demerits of this type of e-cigarette.
Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Merits
  1. It is easily the most reasonable way to try an electronic cigarette 
  2. Disposable e-cigarette doesn’t require refilling or recharging
  3. It is available at a number of locations that supply cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Demerits
  1. It has a short life compared to rechargeable e-cigarettes (with refillable cartridges)
  2. Often only available in regular or menthol flavors and it is usually only available in midrange to excessive nicotine levels
  3. It can be quite expensive in the long run if it is purchased repeatedly

All in all, disposable e-cigs are a good option but its short life makes it seem dull when compared with rechargeable cigarettes. Ultimately, it is you, the user, who has to decide what your exact budget and preferences are. Whether you want something that is inexpensive or whether you wish to go for something that is longer lasting is completely your decision.
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