Are Electronic Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative?

Much has been said and heard about electronic cigarettes. These electronic substitutes of tobacco based cigarettes have fast gained popularity in a few countries. Electronic cigarette smoking has been embraced by millions who wish to quit the traditional habit for good. 

electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette broken down

 An e-cig is made up of a 2 or 3-piece design comprising of the:
  • Atomizer
  • Cartridge
  • Battery

The electronic cigarette cartridge is the disposable mouthpiece containing the liquid flavor that burns and gets converted into vapor. 

The electronic cigarette atomizer is the second part, which burns the liquid flavor using a heating coil. The liquid is then converted into vapor or mist and enjoyed by the smoker. 

The electronic cigarette battery powers the device.

Once all the liquid inside the cartridge evaporates, the container can be refilled with more or fully replaced with a new cartridge with the flavor you wish. 

Most of the e-cig brands promote them as healthy smoking alternatives as these are free from tobacco and thus, from the many health effects that come with traditional smoking.  E-cigs come in different nicotine strengths- ranging from high, medium and low. Those who are willing to quit can go from higher levels to the lower ones until they reach the zero nicotine stage.

Users have many choices when it comes to electronic cigarette refill flavors:
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Peppermint
  • Cherry
  • Others
The flavor you choose largely depends on your personal tastes and preferences. For the hard core smokers there are tobacco flavored cartridges which mimic the taste of tobacco found in traditional cigarette brands like Marlboro, Camel and Parliament. So, if you are addicted to that particular tobacco flavor, a tobacco e-cig cartridge is the ideal choice for you. Individuals who like minty flavors can opt for peppermint and menthol e-cigarettes.   
Electronic cigarettes are packed to perfection to maintain freshness. Each cartridge contains a proprietary designed flavor and also an expiration date, so you know you are receiving fresh cartridges.

You can reap great price benefits as one cartridge of an e-cig is equivalent to roughly one pack of traditional cigarettes. The modern day electronic cigarettes are simple and very easy to use. You can therefore find everybody from the commoners to celebrities turning to these as a healthy smoking alternative.
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Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

Should electronic cigarettes be allowed in public places?
Should e-cigs be allowed in Public Places?
The increasing popularity of e cigarettes has led to a rise in questions concerning public acceptance of electronic cigarettes. 
For example, will smokeless cigarettes be allowed inside non-smoking areas? 
Questions like this can be convincingly answered but first it is imperative that the consumer out there gets comprehensive info and training about the way in which electronic cigarettes work. Once a sense of safety (with regards to e-cigs) is established in the minds of the user, the public perception will truly change.
Electronic cigarettes make use of an electronic system that is rather intricate. 
  1. The smoker inhales the smoke as he/she would a traditional cigarette.
  2. As the user draws air via the chamber, a liquid present in the cartridge is heated to generate a vapor that is drawn into the smoker’s lungs. Because of this, smoking e-cigs is also known as vaping. 
  3. The warm vapor renders a familiar sensation (felt when smoking traditional cigs) to the smoker and the vapor is thereafter exhaled like a normal cigarette. 
Basically, smokeless cigarettes are almost exactly like tobacco-filled cigarettes minus all the chemicals.
In the recent times, a number of reports of e cigarette users being thrown out of bars and restaurants (where smoking is not allowed) have come to light. And each time such an incident has been happening, their response is that they are not smoking a cigarette. When non-smokers are confronted with the facts associated with the non-harmful nature of e-cigs, they use weak reasoning’s to defend their actions.
Even though quite a few different kinds of liquids are used in many models, one of the most extensively used liquid is propylene glycol. 
This liquid has for long been considered safe for human consumption by the FDA
The problem lies in the lack of enough data to support the safety of inhaling the vapor. It is imperative for major e-cigarettemanufacturers like V2 Cigs and others to sit with the people at the FDA and find a category to fit electronic cigarettes. 
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3 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes Destroyed

Electronic Cigarette Myths
For people who are looking to quit smoking, smokeless cigarettes have been a superb option. But overtime, a list of myths has surrounded this option. Let’s take a look at three myths that hover around electronic cigarettes.

Myth #1: Fruit flavored smokeless cigarettes are used to lure young people.

Going by this rationale, the many healthcare companies manufacturing and marketing flavored cough drops would have shut down by now. So it is wrong to target electronic cigarette companies for marketing to a young crowd just because they use fruity flavoring. Flavoring is used only to improve the taste of the e-cigarette. In other words, it is an incorrect assumption made by people who are up in arms against electronic cigarettes.

Myth #2: Smokeless cigarette companies market deliberately to non-smokers.

In a majority of the cases, a consumer who is buying a smokeless cigarette is opting for this solution so as to steer clear of his/her habit of smoking tobacco-filled cigs. The fact is non-smokers are averse to the whole concept of smoking and the harm caused in the process, so they wouldn’t touch any type of stick, smokeless or otherwise. Basically, smokeless cigs are meant to help traditional smokers stop their bad habit.

Myth #3: E-cigarettes are filled with dangerous side effects.

Like any other new product, even smokeless cigarettes can cause a number of side effects in the beginning. But mostly, the side effects are nothing but the withdrawal symptoms experienced from quitting traditional smoking. The reality is that smokeless cigarettes do not emit all the toxic substances that traditional cigs do and they carry 4000 less chemicals.
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3 Merits and 3 Demerits of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
If you want to try electronic cigarettes then a disposable e-cig is a good way to start.  Disposable e-cigs are sold at convenience and drug stores at prices in the range of $10 each.  This allows you to get a feel for electronic cigarettes before you make the leap and purchase your starter kit.   It's important to do your research and find a reliable manufacture who also makes disposables.   There are a lot of cheap disposable e-cigs on the market that could give you the wrong impression.

A disposable e-cigarette package usually consists of a complete e-cigarette that contains a non-rechargeable battery and liquid-filled cartridge. When the battery stops working or the cartridge becomes empty, you throw away the entire cigarette. Mostly, one disposable e-cigarette lasts about as long as one to two packs of cigarettes. A $9.99 disposable e-cigarette is a superb offer considering that a pack of normal cigarettes costs $6.
The longevity of disposables is directly dependent on how often you inhale on the e-cigarette. Let’s take a look at some of the merits and demerits of this type of e-cigarette.
Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Merits
  1. It is easily the most reasonable way to try an electronic cigarette 
  2. Disposable e-cigarette doesn’t require refilling or recharging
  3. It is available at a number of locations that supply cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Demerits
  1. It has a short life compared to rechargeable e-cigarettes (with refillable cartridges)
  2. Often only available in regular or menthol flavors and it is usually only available in midrange to excessive nicotine levels
  3. It can be quite expensive in the long run if it is purchased repeatedly

All in all, disposable e-cigs are a good option but its short life makes it seem dull when compared with rechargeable cigarettes. Ultimately, it is you, the user, who has to decide what your exact budget and preferences are. Whether you want something that is inexpensive or whether you wish to go for something that is longer lasting is completely your decision.
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Precautions When Using Electronic Cigarettes

All of us agree that the use and consumption of chemicals can be extremely harmful in the long run. Products like tobacco pose a number of risks to the human health. This is where technology has been playing the role of the messiah. The inception of electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) has made it possible for people to get the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette but minus many of the negatives present in the traditional cancer stick. 
Now a number of companies are now manufacturing various brands, forms, and flavors of electronic cigarette.
One of the key advantages of electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco cigarettes is that they are safer to use. But still people find faults in e-cigs, faults that are rooted in the incorrect usage of the e-cigarette. It is important to be aware of the exact procedure of using electronic cigarettes. 
  1. First and foremost, e-cigarette users should ensure that the batteries are completely charged. When smoking an e-cigarette when its batteries are properly charged, it will provide smooth functioning and operation. 
  2. Also, when you buy an electronic cigarette kit, it is pivotal to go through the user’s guide comprehensively. The user guide contains crucial info on how to assemble the e-cigarette.  It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The eCiggy Electronic Cigarettes

Most of the times, the liquid content in an e-cigarette can be refilled. If your electronic cigarette can't be refilled then most likely you will replace the refill cartridge which already contains the liquid.  
You must ensure that when you buy your e-cigarette refills, you use the services of a well-respected and licensed manufacturer. Furthermore, e-cigarette liquid refills must have expiration dates that are clearly labeled on the packaging.
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The eCiggy Leading Supplier of Electronic Cigarettes Online

The eCiggy Has Established Itself as a Leading Supplier of Electronic Cigarettes Online.

Be it US or Europe, the sales of electronic cigarettes have soared around the world. As an increasing number of people are turning to electronic cigarettes from the traditional ones many of the suppliers have started their operations online in order to meet the demands of customers. 
The eCiggy
The eCiggy
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  • disposables
  • accessories
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A Few Truths About Electronic Cigarettes

There is a brand new invention in the recent years that is creating a lot of buzz among the people who smoke - the electronic cigarette. These non-conventional sticks have gained immense popularity in the past few years as the smokeless cigarette. The e-cigs have managed to change the legal landscape for smokers all over the world as these effectively simulate the experience of smoking an actual cigarette, without all of the health or legal issues surrounding the traditional ones. So, from celebrities to the common smokers everybody is turning to electronic cigarettes for the obvious benefits that they offer over the tobacco based cigarettes.
Here are some truths about electronic cigarettes that you should know:

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

While electronic cigarettes have much of the same look and appeal of traditional cigarettes, these function quite differently. The e-cigs are made up of a 2 or 3 piece design comprising of the:
Electronic Cigarette Make-Up
  1. atomizer
  2. flavor cartridge
  3. battery
When you inhale from an e-cigarette, you activate a "flow censor" which releases a water vapor containing:
  1. nicotine
  2. propylene glycol
  3. scent that simulates the flavor of tobacco
So, they do not actually burn any tobacco or any of the other cancer causing agents but produce the same sensation as your favorite cigarette. Additionally, nicotine is also present in minute quantities in the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes Help With Quitting Smoking?

Though many companies promote electronic cigarettes as essentially quit-smoking devices, these are not exclusively meant for this purpose. There is no doubt in the fact that many smokers turn to e-cigarettes in order to reduce their consumption. 
According to a study headed by Ricardo Polosa from the Center of Smoking Prevention and Cure, there was 80% decline in cigarettes consumption among smokers and the harmful effects attached with using e-cigs disappeared by the 24th week. 
Electronic cigarettes come in different flavors & strengths. Those who wish to cut down the habit can start with a higher nicotine cartridge and then gradually move down to the ones with low nicotine levels.  
So, it is apt to say that electronic cigarettes are effective substitutes of traditional cigarettes but not sure shot solutions for quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Cost

There are certainly cost benefits associated with the use of electronic cigarettes. With a little initial investment you can go on to reap these benefits for a long time because e-cigs are refillable, rechargeable and one e-cigarette kit roughly equals to 24 packets of cigarette. An electronic cigarette company offers all the parts and accessories like starter kits & refilling cartridges, thus making everything available under one single source.
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Switch To Electronic Cigarettes and Exapnd Your Life Span

Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
Quitting smoking early can expand your lifespan.  Everybody today is aware about the ill-effects of smoking. It is a slow killer which severely affects the health of the smoker causing serious health problems starting from heart & lung diseases to strokes. 
However, still there are a whole lot of smokers in the US with the habit prevalent among the age-groups ranging from teenagers to the elderly and both genders. 
The alarming statistics reveal that around 20-25% teenagers have smoked a cigarette at least once in the US. 
In fact, according to analysts these are just conservative estimates with the actual number likely to be much higher. Although cigarette smoking poses health hazards for everybody who lights up a stick some recent researches have revealed facts that may be alarming for the women smokers.
The numbers related to smokers in the country continue to rise which is undoubtedly a worrisome situation, taking into account the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. This also highlights the pressing need to generate more awareness among individuals regarding the hazardous health effects of cigarette smoking and how quitting early can help expand the lifespan of smokers. 
Women who quit smoking before the age of 40 can extend their life by almost 10 years. Additionally, smoking women were at greater death risk than those who quit smoking at an early age. The same applies to men as well as they can lessen the damage caused by tobacco and nicotine by stopping.
But these things are easier said than done because we all know that the addiction to nicotine or cigarette smoking is hard to break and it takes a lot of effort on the part of the smoker to stay away from cigarettes. A person goes through a number of transitionary experiences both on the mental and physical level on the quest to give up the cigarette completely. The mental and physical withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking might test you to the core; however, the end result will definitely be a positive one. If you are planning on giving up smoking there are many vices out there to assist you.  From nicotine patches to chewing gums and electronic cigarettes a whole lot of alternatives are available for smokers today.
Among the aforementioned aids electronic cigarettes may prove to be the most effective in getting rid of the habit gradually. Since, they have the same look and appeal of a traditional cigarette they provide the most satisfactory experience to the smokers making them much more comfortable in reclining gradually. The varied nicotine strengths and different flavors act as major advantages on the side of the e-cigs. If you wish to buy electronic cigarettes of superlative quality, then head to

Ways In Which Smoking Damages Your Appearance; Electronic Cigarettes Are a Better Alternative

Smoking not only causes harm to your internal organs but it also leaves a negative impact on your physical appearance.
effects of cigarette smokingBack in the day, Dr. Douglas Model had coined the term “smoker’s face” to explain the facial changes that a regular smoker undergoes, and that could be even seen with bare eyes. 
Let’s take a look at some of the ways through which smoking (more specifically, traditional tobacco smoking) affects your looks:
  1. Dull skin: The carbon monoxide released by cigarette smoke depletes the oxygen in the skin. This lessens the amount of nutrients that assist in protecting and repairing skin damage, causing dullness and wrinkles. 
  2.  Thinning of hair: A number of researchers have come to the conclusion that harmful chemicals from cigarette smoke destroy the DNA in hair follicles leading to thinning and graying of hair. Also, chain smoking also causes the problem of hair loss.
  3.  Bags under eyes: The addiction to nicotine leads to frequent sleep disruptions in the night. This results in bags under the eyes and dark circles.
  4. Protruding belly: A recent study shows that smokers have more primeval fat than people who don’t smoke. This is contrary to the general notion that smokers have lower body weight as cigarettes curb the appetite.
  5. Stretch marks: While speedy weight gain does cause stretch marks to appear on the skin, smoking can also damage the connective tissues and fibers thereby making them lose their elasticity and strength
  6. Discoloration of teeth: Stained teeth are a common a problem faced by almost all smokers across the world. Even though there are procedures that help whiten them, but these can be expensive and lead to tooth sensitivity.
  7. Premature aging and wrinkles: Numerous studies have shown that smoking can accelerate aging as it lowers the blood supply that keeps skin tissue healthy. Also, smokers develop wrinkles way earlier than non-smokers.
  8. Dental diseases: It is widely known that smokers are prone to more dental problems than non-smokers. 

All in all, it is absolutely important for smokers to be aware of all these negative effects of the physical appearance. If you are finding it hard to give up traditional cigarettes, it is always better to rely on a new age innovation like electronic cigarettes.

FIve Reasons To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are one innovation that has taken the US market by a storm in the past two years. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of these non-conventional cigarettes with everybody from celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio to the normal American opting for e-cigs to steer clear of the dangerous effects of cigarette smoking. 
According to a research done by Action on Smoking and Tobacco (ASH), the proportion of smokers (who are currently using e-cigarettes) has doubled over from 3% back in 2010 to 7% in ’12. 
This is evidence enough of the ever-increasing adoption of electronic cigarettes over traditional ones. Here are five top points that go on to explain the reasons behind the rapid popularity of electronic cigarettes.
Buy Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarettes Stats

Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The obvious health benefits that e-cigarettes have over the traditional ones act as the biggest motivator for people to opt from them. Electronic cigarettes are virtually free from tobacco and produce no smoke, ash or tar. Thus, these not only provide benefits to the smoker but also to those around him as they do not have to take in the harmful smoke emitted by tobacco-based cigarettes. The quantity of nicotine is also very low so all the health affecting substances are almost absent from the e-cigs.

Electronic Cigarettes Simulate the Effect of Smoking

Now, those who have been planning to quit smoking for long but are failing in all their efforts must consider switching to electronic cigarettes. There are several aids available in the market like nicotine patches and special chewing gums meant to assist giving up smoking but nothing simulates the effect and feel of original smoking like the e-cigs. These can therefore prove to be of vital assistance in reclining from the habit gradually.

  Cost Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

One cartridge of electronic cigarettes roughly equals a pack of the traditional ones. Plus, the smoker has complete control over when to inhale the liquid as against the tobacco-based cigarettes that continue to burn. Even though the cost of electronic cigarettes is high initially, it proves to be a much more cost-effective option in the long run.

  Electronic Cigarette Options

E-cigs are available in a host of flavors like mint tea, menthol, coffee, chocolate and cherry thus offering a plethora of choices to the buyers.

 Sourcing Electronic Cigarettes

Are you wondering where to buy electronic cigarettes of the best quality? Although there are also some physical stores that stock and sell e-cigs, it is any day better to buy them from a trusted online supplier at affordable prices.
The role of e-cigs in helping smokers stay away from traditional tobacco cigarettes is huge which is why even famous celebrities like have successfully shifted to e-cigs. Owing to the positive reception of e-cigs, a number of leading e-shops have gotten incepted and that offer top quality products. One such online store is The eCiggy. Head to the website to find out what they have to offer.