The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

Passive smoking, also known as second-hand smoke, is considered as one of the major health hazards that can cause serious illnesses in people. While second-hand smoke poses grave threat to the health of people belonging to all age-groups, its effects on children are all the more pronounced. Children who’re exposed to passive smoke stand at a great risk of debilitating many types of serious illnesses that may greatly affect the quality of their life. 
dangers second hand smoke
Second Hand Smoke

Effects Second Hand Smoke on Children

  1. Smoke emitted from tobacco-based cigarettes can play havoc with the normal growth and development of children. It can cause serious damage to their heart, lungs and other organs. This can cause many debilitating illnesses among children. Some of the illnesses may prove to be fatal.
  2. In addition to causing breathing problems in children, cigarette smoke also leads to many other health problems. Ear infection is one of the fallouts of cigarette smoking. It can lead to hearing impairment or even hearing loss.
  3. Apart from physical illnesses, smoking also causes behavioral problems. It’s a known fact that cigarette smoking cause serious damage to brain. Various studies have established the fact that children who’re exposed to smoke are more likely to perform poorly at school. Cigarette smoking is also known to impair the intellectual development of a child. This may lead to poor academic performance in future.
  4. It is important to understand that cigarette smoking not just affects the growing children but also prenatal children. Pregnant women who smoke or inhale cigarette smoke expose their unborn child to many health risks. Premature delivery, low birth weight, birth defects and low immunity are some of the common health problems associated with cigarette smoking. 

Considering the harmful health effects of cigarette smoking on children, it has become important for all parents (or would-be parents) to provide a ‘smoke-free’ environment to their children. Switching to electronic cigarettes will prove to be immensely helpful for parents when it comes to providing a smoke-free environment to children. As e cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and do not emit smoke, they are quite safe. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it is not prohibited to smoke e cigs at public places. At The eCiggy store, you can easily buy all types and varieties of electronic cigarettes at low prices. Known as the most reliable electronic cigarette store, the eCiggy aims to provide the best quality-products to the customers. More information is available at The eCiggy store.

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