From Smoke to Vapor

We all know the huge shift that is currently happening in regards to e-cigs.   More and more smokers each and every day are making the switch to these vapor devices.    While the FDA is still investigating and the rules and laws concerning electronic cigarettes have yet to be laid out, we do know the facts about traditional smoking.

According to the infographic below traditional tobacco smoking increases the risk of a stroke by nearly 40% among men and 60% among women.  That is just one of the many effects of traditional tobacco smoking.

The infographic below shows the shifting trend from Smoke to Vapor and highlights the development of tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, the facts of smoking traditional cigarettes as well as the differences between smoke and vapor.

smoke to vapor

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Electronic Cigarette Growth

According to Citi Research the electronic cigarette industry is set to become a $3 billion dollar industry in the year 2015. This e-cig business is growing at a rate of almost a billion dollars each year. 

In 2010 Sales were at $416 Million only jumping roughly $200 million the following year.  It wasn't until 2012 when the e-cig business started to catch fire.   There are obstacles that manufactures will have to face but this doesn't seem to be slowing the growth or turning off investors.  If the public wants it, then the industry will never die.

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Four Celebrities That Vape

Movie stars and celebrities have long been trend-setters in American culture—and with the advent of the internet (and perhaps because of more diligence on the part of the paparazzi), they are able to influence trends and behaviors all around the world. In this sense, we can be extremely glad that photos have begun surfacing of A-list celebrities that have been bettering their lives by making the switch to e-cigarettes and vaporizers over analogue cigarettes.

Celebrities That Vape

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leo Di-o has smoked on screen before, but has been sighted using e-cigarettes as recently as a couple of months ago. One of the earlier more famous photos of him vaporizing included him on a bicycle—from a distance he actually looked like he was biking and smoking an analogue.

Katherine Heigl 

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl was first publicly shown vaping on David Letterman’s primetime national television show in 2010. As a smoker since the age of 25, she claimed that she had tried gum, cold-turkey, and prescription solutions for cessation, but ultimately landed on e-cigarettes.

Josh Harris 

Phil Harris, Josh Harris, and Jake Anderson became well-known in television-viewing households after the success of their Discovery Channel program, “The Deadliest Catch”. Phil passed away in 2010 due to stroke incited by consistent smoking. Since then, Josh Harris has begun promoting e-cigarettes as a cessation tool to help others avoid the same

Johnny Depp 

While we’ll admit that Johnny Depp has not been confirmed to have actually switched to electronic cigarettes (he is a long-time smoker of analogues), he was the first actor in Hollywood’s history to vape on the silver screen. In his film “The Tourist” featuring Angelina Jolie, he explains:

 “…it’s not a real cigarette – it’s electronic. It delivers the same amount of nicotine but the smoke is water vapor. Yeah, watch [puffs on the e-cig, taps it into hand to show there is no flame, before tucking it into his jacket pocket.]”

Electronic Cigarettes vs. Portable Vaporizers

electronic cigarettes vs portable vaporizers
With the constantly expanding market of electronic cigarettes in full swing, a new debate has taken shape. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes, many are wondering which is best, portable vaporizers or electronic cigarettes.

Although these two products are highly synonymous and often interchangeable, they are different.

Portable Vaporizers

These are portable but not nearly as small as an electronic cigarette.  One of the strongest point for using the portable vaporizer is the fact that it doesn’t cycle in the way an electronic cigarette does. Cycling is when the electronic cigarette goes through the process of vaporizing the liquid nicotine. Fast smokers will often smoke at a pace faster than the electronic cigarette can cycle. This can be frustrating.

Using a portable vaporizer provides a larger variety of flavors. They have been around much longer than electronic cigarettes.

Another thing that many people like about portable vaporizers is that they vaporize oil or dry herbs including tobacco, instead of using liquid nicotine like electronic cigarettes.

One of the downsides to portable vaporizers is that the better ones are not as portable.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are treated more like traditional cigarettes, although they function, in many ways, like the portable vaporizers. The primary difference between electronic cigarettes is the fact that electronic cigarettes use liquid nicotine instead oils and dry herbs and portable vaporizers have a larger variety of flavors.  Will the disparity between these two methods as far as flavors are concerned,  diminish as the popularity of the electronic cigarette increases and the industry grows in correlation with its popularity?   We'll soon find out.

The truth is there is very little difference. Which method of vaporization you choose is more left to personal preference than anything else. Is the explosion of the electronic cigarette market an indicator that e-cigs will be the most popular method of vaporization by 2017?   Only time will tell.

Quit Smoking and Lead a Healthier Life

quit smoking
According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), smoking causes harm to every organ of the body. In additional to heart disease and cancer, smoking negatively impacts the smokers overall general health.
A report released by the CDC revealed that smoking is responsible for more than 400,000 deaths annually. Each year, more scientific data surfaces, revealing more facts that confirm just how deadly cigarette smoke is. There are multitudinous reasons why it is imperative that you quit smoking so that you are able to live a normal healthy life.
This article will briefly reveal why you should use some of the effective methods that are currently available to overcome your smoking habit once and for all.
Death and Smoking
  • The 400,000 deaths that are directly connected to smoking account for 20 percent of all deaths in America.
  • 90 percent of all deaths associated with chronic obstructive lung disease can be attributed to smoking.
  • Over 90 percent of lung cancer deaths in and 80 percent in women can be attributed o smoking.
  • If smoking was completely eliminated, 33 percent of cancer deaths in America would be totally eliminated.
  • Cigarette related deaths in America surpassed deaths caused by illegal drug use, HIV/AIDS, motor vehicle injuries, murders and suicides combined.
Additional Health Risks
In addition to the deaths that are caused by smoking cigarettes, there are numerous degenerative illnesses that can also be associated with smoking cigarettes.
  • Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 4 times.
  • Smoking cigarettes narrows arteries, which places the smoker at risk of conditions such as hypertension and peripheral vascular disease
  • Smoking can also be the cause of an abdominal aortic aneurysm
The list is almost endless when comes to the negative impact of smoking. With so many different resources, such as electric cigarettes, you have the means to seriously engage your smoking issues once and for all. There is much to gain by quitting and everything to lose by not.
Take the time to engage your smoking problem, you will truly enjoy the healthier you

5 E-Cigarette Ads From Best to Worst

Cigarettes haven't been marketed well since the Mad Men days of advertising. Now with e-cigarettes, advertising has a whole new potential. Below are the 5 best e-cigarette ads, ranked from worst to best:

e-cigarette ads

5. Stephen Dorf - Blu
With a badass like Stephen Dorf, you think someone could have written a better hook than "C'mon guys, rise from the ashes." Why not ride on the message, "We are all adults here" and re-brand smoking as a responsible, personal choice? Sadly, this ad's potential was ruined with one, corny catchphrase.

4. "Take Back Your Freedom" With Blu
Quick and simple - that's what you can say about Blu's ad. The benefits are highlighted well here: the smoker has complete control over the habit. Unfortunately, nothing is memorable, which is exactly what you do not want when showing an advertisement.

3. "Re-Writing The Rules" - Fin Electronic Cigarettes
This ad does a great job of appealing to younger smokers. The line "There was a time when no one was offended by it; that time has come again." says it all, capturing a lifestyle where smoking can be cool again. However, the idea of resurrecting a generation of cool young smokers is a bit ambitious and possibly delusional.

2. Courtney Love - NJoy
The stuffy and uptight party host in this commercial personifies the smoker's worst enemy: the person who admonishes a complete stranger for their habit, in public. Courtney Love, the queen of I-Do-What-I-Want, is the hero here and stands up for smokers everywhere. And that's all that smokers really want, is to retain their pride and not be embarrassed by personal choices, which this ad delivers very effectively.

1. The New Marlboro Man
What better way to create an e-cigarette ad than to look to the past? Here, the Marlboro Man has been modernized while still capturing the classic look from the old advertisements. This ad created more than a campaign; it created an archetype.

E-cigarettes are still relatively new, but we're sure to see more interesting ads in the future. Be sure to visit our blog regularly as these ads roll out.

How to Stay Healthy

Every wonder how to stay healthy?  We over here at The eCiggy are all about making improvements to ones health and we came across this alternative infographic called "10 Strange Ways to Stay Healthy".

Everyone knows they should eat healthy, take their vitamins and exercise.  But the infographic below gives us 10 little alternative tricks to help boost our immune system.

Did you know that flossing daily removes plaque that causes bacteria which can enter your blood stream and cause heart attacks and strokes?  

Simple little actions like this can be a life saver.

How to Stay Healthy
How To Stay Helthy

Follow these 10 steps on how to stay healthy and see if it makes a difference in your life.

To see the full infographic on how to stay healthy visit Everest Family of Colleges, Universities and Institutes.

Why are Electronic Cigarettes so Popular?

Electronic cigarette smoking has not completely replaced traditional smoking but it surely is on its way to do so.

An electronic cigarette also known as a PV (Personal Vaporizer) is an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution. The device does not involve any smoke and it therefore brings up the debate of second hand smoke.

E-cigarettes are rapidly becoming one of the most demanding products on the market in the U.S. More and more companies are investing in this industry as many people are opting for E-cigarettes. One of the major benefits that companies are claiming is that you can smoke almost anywhere as e-cigarettes do not emit smoke, they produce a vapor.

Electronic cigarette companies are booming and the business has been able to capture ten percent to fourteen percent of the smoking industry.

E-cigarettes come in many different and attractive designs making them more compelling to the end user. Also many celebrities today are opting for e-cigarettes bringing even more attention to the product. After seeing the popularity of e-cigarettes many well-renowned tobacco companies are planning to enter the business and their advantage over other e-cig companies is yet to be determined.

So it seems that the business as well as the competition is going to increase in this industry. However staying at the forefront of the market is the The eCiggy,  providing their customers with some of the best service and quality e-cigs on the market. 

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5 Popular Names in the Electronic Cigarette Industry

5 Names in the Electronic Cigarette Industry
Carl Philips

Renowned all over the world as an expert at on tobacco control. He also ran the Tobacco Harm Reduction Institute at the University of Alberta in Canada. Since day one, he has been fighting to get the scientific evidence in favor of e-cigarettes out to the public. He is an outspoken supporter of e-cigarettes and he can be often seen at panel discussions on tobacco harm reduction methods. A committed supporter of electronic cigarettes, he frequently argues that they are less dangerous than tobacco.

Michael Siegel

A physician of the Boston University School of Public Health is a reputed figure in the tobacco harm reduction domain. His Tobacco Analysis blog frequently gives the readers the other story about new studies or media reports. He has been featured a lot in the media and also oversees research into electronic cigarettes.

Scott Ballin

A tobacco and health policy consultant in Washington and runs the Tobacco at a Crossroads alliance. He is more into the policy aspects of the things. In the past, he was VP for Public Policy and Legislative Counsel at the American Heart Association, and also was the chairman of the Coalition on Smoking. It is safe to say that he has enough experience as a legislator. Right from the beginning he has been vocal about modernizing tobacco laws to account for products like e-cigarettes.

Dr. Murray Laugesen

Widely known as the founder of Health New Zealand, and has more than 18 years’ experience as a researcher in tobacco policy and cigarettes. He is the author of more than 40 research papers and is also the founder of End Smoking NZ, a charitable institution committed to ending the use of burnable cigarettes by 2025 in the country of New Zealand. His endeavors in the field have established him as a leading individual voice.

Paul Bergen

Regularly featured in the media in connection to e-cigarettes. He is a highly active blogger and is a pivotal voice in removing the myths around the new technology. His support is crucial in bringing a change in mindsets.

The above men are doing their bit to not only talk openly about ending tobacco consumption but also to spread a positive word about electronic cigarettes. As more and more people are accepting e-cigs, there will be a huge surge sales.

Electronic Cigarette Growth

The electronic cigarette market is attracting investors from all over the world. 

Electronic Cigarette Growth
Electronic Cigarette Growth
There is no denying that the e-cigarette market has grown tremendously. Overtime, millions of users have become a part of this multi-million dollar industry. A number of industry experts are saying that the consumption of e-cigs could exceed that of traditional cigarettes in the coming decade or so. 

Investors believe that this high growth industry is a great way to safeguard investments and at the same time minimize risk. The demand for battery operated electronic cigarettes has evolved massively and this has made investors keep a close watch on the consumption patterns.

The demand for the best electronic cigarette brands will continue to rise among adults. Also, the use of e-cigs indoors is banned in certain states this won’t stop the industry to grow further.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to emphasize regulatory authority over e-cigs in the future. Also, public health officials believe that safety of e-cigarettes and their effectiveness in assisting people quit tobacco smoking is still understudied.

Nonetheless, investors continue to put in massive confidence in the product and the market at large. A majority of consumers agree that e-cigs are safe. A number of benefits are rendered by a wide array of e-cigarette producers. A number of aspects lure people to e-cigs. Be it the design or flavor, people simply like the fact that it is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

In the days to come, the advent of new technologies in this field will ensure that more people get on board. A number of celebrities are investing heavily in the electronic cigarette industry. A number of sources have revealed that Sean Parker is investing $75m in the electronic cigarette brand. All of this is great for the e-cigarette market.

Overtime, a whole host of suppliers have been leveraging this positive sentiment and offering best in class products. With an increasing number of people accepting e-cigs, more and more companies have started offering these products. 

Smoking Facts

Based on the title of this page, "Smoking Facts," we don't want people to think we're encouraging smoking.  As an electronic cigarette advocate, it's our goal to make sure people are aware of the facts when it comes to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  But being an electronic cigarette distributor, the title of the following infographic caught our attention. After all, it contains some very descriptive elements of the effects of cigarette smoke both first and second hand.

Tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer in the world. - World Health Organization
Smoking Facts

There's is also some staggering information about the amount of people who die each year from smoking traditional cigarettes. We hope you find this informative!

To see this infographic in it's entirety, visit

Will Electronic Cigarettes be Classified as Medication

electronic cigarettes classified as medicine
The word is by 2016, electronic cigarettes as well as products consisting of nicotine will be classified as well as licensed as medication.

Under proposals to strengthen regulation, electronic cigarettes are to be categorized as medicines.

But, the manufacturers of e-cigs say that they will not accept this classification unless compelled to do so by EU law. 

The e-cigarettes deliver an experience that is same as standard cigarettes. By heating liquid nicotine in a disposable cartridge and generating a vapor, e-cigs provide a superior feeling.

In the UK, there is no sign of a ban on e-cigs even though France is considering a ban on using e-cigarettes in public areas. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in Britain has recently stated that it would regulate products like these to make sure that they are safe. Britain has been putting stress for an EU-wide law on regulating products that contain nicotine. It expects the adoption of legislation in 2014 and to go into effect in Britain in 2016. The agency has stated that it will need manufacturers to reveal info on quality of product and how they stand in juxtaposition with those manufactured by competitors.

Given the newness of the product, there is a lot of speculation and talk about the legality of electronic cigarettes. So classifying the product as a medicine is bound to raise many question marks in the minds of manufacturers and legal experts.

All that can be done right now is observing how everything pans out. There are a wide range of benefits that make e-cigarettes a great choice for smokers.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

We get the question quite often, "do electronic cigarettes work?"  Well, today we bring you an infographic on The Breakdown of E-Cigs which gives you facts and stats to help you make that decision.

An estimated 46 million people smoke cigarettes in the United States but the numbers are now starting to drop.  More and more people are trying electronic cigarettes.

1 electronic cigarette cartridge is equal to 25 cigarettes saving the user hundreds of dollars each year.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work

According to the Infographic there are 4,000 less chemicals in e-cigs and it's intended to omit the related health risks associated with traditional smoking.

Todays infographic is brought to us by Electronic Cigarette Reviews and really gives us great comparison of e-cigs vs. traditional cigarettes.  With a little more education, hopefully now you can better answer the question, "do electronic cigarettes work"?

Electronic Cigarette Store The eCiggy

Electronic cigarettes stores are popping up everywhere and have become quite popular across the country.

The eCiggy Electronic Cigarette Store
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The eCiggy carries refills with different nicotine levels. Light smokers can opt for electronic cigarettes with low nicotine levels while heavy smokers have the choice to select from higher nicotine levels. brings forth electronic cigarettes in the following flavors:
  • menthol
  • peppermint
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • cherry
  • mint tea strives to become an electronic cigarettes store for people who are looking for quality electronic cigarettes.

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Electronic Cigarette Statistics

Today we bring you the infographic "Electronic Cigarette Statistics".  

2.7% of U.S Adults have tried electronic cigarettes and a whopping 31% of those who tried e-cigs ended up quitting tobacco based cigarettes within a 3 month period.
 According to the infographic 45 million people smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes and currently there are 2.5 million people smoking electronic cigarettes and this number is rapidly increasing.

electronic cigarette statistics

e-cigarette sales are expected to reach one billion dollars in sales by the end of 2013.

The infographic above titled "electronic cigarette statistics"  is from and really gives us a great perspective of the rise of the e-cig.

Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Electronic Cigarettes

Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind when choosing your electronic cigarettes:  

Electronic Cigarettes

Check the Amperage 

A key factor that you must take into consideration when purchasing an e-cig battery is its amperage. The highest attainable amperage is 1300mAh and the least is 180mAh. Batteries with high amperage can withstand for longer periods of time while the ones with low amperage run for short periods of time. So you should opt for a battery with high amperage in order to lower the frequency of charging it.

Look at Compatibility

Not all battery models are compatible with e-cigarette cartridges and atomizers. In any case, you should buy a battery that is compatible with your atomizer as well as cartridge. It is better that you carry the battery that you are currently using and buy the correct one.

Means to Charge the Battery 

It is pivotal to be aware of the battery’s charge ability. Nowadays, a large number of people like to charge their electronic cigarettes while they are traveling. If you also do that, then it is best to opt for 12 DC charging and other back-ups. These allow you to charge the battery through your car charger socket or even your laptop.

Warranty is Important

Like any other electronic device, e-cig batteries are susceptible to breakdown. Because of this, you must ensure to get maximum return on your money by getting hold of a battery that has been protected under manufacturer’s warranty. Batteries without warranties might seem luring because of the low cost but their functionality is equally deadpan.


While buying a high quality product is definitely important, it is also equally crucial to preserve it afterwards. That is why you should work toward maintaining your battery and in turn avail superb benefits. Be sure to let the e-cig battery cool down after approximately 7 puffs and keep it away from magnetic items.

If you wish to get the most from your electronic cigarette, then it is absolutely essential for you to keep the aforementioned points in mind.

More resources on choosing your electronic cigarettes:

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

So you're wondering if electronic cigarettes are safe?

In the recent years we have seen a growing popularity of e-cigarettes over the traditional ones as the e-cigs cause no odors, no burns and no ash. These modishly designed two-piece wonders allow you to smoke in style. 

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe
Electronic Cigarette Stats

The 2 or 3-piece design comprises of:

  • Atomizer
  • Flavor cartridge
  • Battery
They are a kind of electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking.   

Electronic cigarettes consist of:

  • Nicotine cartridge
  • Battery unit
  • LED indicator
Designed on the same line and offering the same experience as traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarettes do not contain harmful tar and the thousands of other toxins substances that are present in their traditional counterparts.  The popularity of electronic cigarettes has soared in the past two years in countries like the US.

A number of individuals are choosing electronic cigs over the traditional tobacco based cigarettes due to the obvious health advantages that they offer. 

E-cigs are also:

  • Free from smoke
  • Odor
  • Ash and 
  • Tar 
  • and are quite environmental friendly

Tobacco based cigarettes can increase the risk of:

  • Stroke
  • Lung cancer
  • Coronary heart problems
  • Mouth & throat cancer
Many smokers are turning to alternatives that pose no little to no health hazards. If you decide no to give up smoking it is good to try healthier options. Electronic cigarettes or the e-cigs have emerged as popular substitutes. An e-cigarette starter kit typically comes with a battery, charger and flavor cartridges, basically everything you need in one convenient package.

You can choose from an array of flavors such as:

  • Premium Tobacco
  • Western Blend
  • Turkish Blend
  • Menthol
  • Coffee
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
Electronic cigarette smoking has been embraced by millions.  Others prefer it more because of the cleaner and healthier approach and they are able to enjoy various flavors. 
It is important to ensure that you buy your electronic cigarettes from a well-trusted supplier so that you get premium quality and you are not overcharged for the products. The eCiggy is among the top suppliers of electronic cigarettes in the US

You can visit the online store at and explore the extensive range of e-cigs, refill cartridges and related accessories supplied by the company. 

Fore more resources and facts about electronic cigarettes check out the Discovery Fit and Health post on these popular devices.

Why You Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Overtime, more and more people have started smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes. Paying no heed to all the warnings etc., they continue to hold the cancer stick. One of the best ways to promote safety in smoking is through the use of electronic cigarettes. The increasing adoption of the electronic cigarette proves the safety and benefits of usage of an electronic cigarette. This is why the sales of electronic cigarettes have been skyrocketing through and through. 
But are electronic cigarettes better than standard tobacco ones? Well, taking all factors into perspective, the answer is an emphatic yes. 
There is no denying that electronic cigarettes are definitely much safer than tobacco cigarettes.  Tobacco cigarettes contain both nicotine and a more harmful tobacco and roughly 4800 dangerous chemicals. 
The Graphic below is from Greatist and shows what happens when a smoker quits tobacco based cigarettes over a 15 year timeline.
Smokers Timeline

Electronic cigarettes are basically developed to operate with batteries and atomizers. This is the reason why they do not release any form of toxic smoke. This is just one another merit that e-cigarettes have that tobacco cigarettes don’t. The vapor that is generated from electronic cigarettes is a result of the liquid and this smokeless aspect also lowers the cases of harm caused by second-hand smoke.
In addition, the electronic cigarette is devised to provide the smoker the same feeling that he or she would get from smoking a tobacco-filled cigarette. 

Some Pluses of Electronic Cigarettes

  • Can be used on-the-go
  • Often come in kits that make it possible for users to charge one battery while they use another
  • Are any day a fashionable and appealing option as they come in a myriad of superb brands, colors, and flavors
Among the list of electronic cigarette suppliers, one that has been successful at making a lasting impact is The eCiggy. The eCiggy is a popular onlinesupplier of electronic cigarettes that has been at the forefront of offering high quality products at affordable rates. An authorized dealer of V2 Cigs, The Ciggy is able to meet the needs of all of those who quality lasting electronic cigarettes.   You can visit their website, find the e-cig that you wish to buy and purchase it without any hassles. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to head to the link without any further delay.   

Are Electronic Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative?

Much has been said and heard about electronic cigarettes. These electronic substitutes of tobacco based cigarettes have fast gained popularity in a few countries. Electronic cigarette smoking has been embraced by millions who wish to quit the traditional habit for good. 

electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette broken down

 An e-cig is made up of a 2 or 3-piece design comprising of the:
  • Atomizer
  • Cartridge
  • Battery

The electronic cigarette cartridge is the disposable mouthpiece containing the liquid flavor that burns and gets converted into vapor. 

The electronic cigarette atomizer is the second part, which burns the liquid flavor using a heating coil. The liquid is then converted into vapor or mist and enjoyed by the smoker. 

The electronic cigarette battery powers the device.

Once all the liquid inside the cartridge evaporates, the container can be refilled with more or fully replaced with a new cartridge with the flavor you wish. 

Most of the e-cig brands promote them as healthy smoking alternatives as these are free from tobacco and thus, from the many health effects that come with traditional smoking.  E-cigs come in different nicotine strengths- ranging from high, medium and low. Those who are willing to quit can go from higher levels to the lower ones until they reach the zero nicotine stage.

Users have many choices when it comes to electronic cigarette refill flavors:
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Peppermint
  • Cherry
  • Others
The flavor you choose largely depends on your personal tastes and preferences. For the hard core smokers there are tobacco flavored cartridges which mimic the taste of tobacco found in traditional cigarette brands like Marlboro, Camel and Parliament. So, if you are addicted to that particular tobacco flavor, a tobacco e-cig cartridge is the ideal choice for you. Individuals who like minty flavors can opt for peppermint and menthol e-cigarettes.   
Electronic cigarettes are packed to perfection to maintain freshness. Each cartridge contains a proprietary designed flavor and also an expiration date, so you know you are receiving fresh cartridges.

You can reap great price benefits as one cartridge of an e-cig is equivalent to roughly one pack of traditional cigarettes. The modern day electronic cigarettes are simple and very easy to use. You can therefore find everybody from the commoners to celebrities turning to these as a healthy smoking alternative.
For information on electronic cigarettes or if you have questions about e cigarettes visit The eCiggy online.

Electronic Cigarettes in Public Places

Should electronic cigarettes be allowed in public places?
Should e-cigs be allowed in Public Places?
The increasing popularity of e cigarettes has led to a rise in questions concerning public acceptance of electronic cigarettes. 
For example, will smokeless cigarettes be allowed inside non-smoking areas? 
Questions like this can be convincingly answered but first it is imperative that the consumer out there gets comprehensive info and training about the way in which electronic cigarettes work. Once a sense of safety (with regards to e-cigs) is established in the minds of the user, the public perception will truly change.
Electronic cigarettes make use of an electronic system that is rather intricate. 
  1. The smoker inhales the smoke as he/she would a traditional cigarette.
  2. As the user draws air via the chamber, a liquid present in the cartridge is heated to generate a vapor that is drawn into the smoker’s lungs. Because of this, smoking e-cigs is also known as vaping. 
  3. The warm vapor renders a familiar sensation (felt when smoking traditional cigs) to the smoker and the vapor is thereafter exhaled like a normal cigarette. 
Basically, smokeless cigarettes are almost exactly like tobacco-filled cigarettes minus all the chemicals.
In the recent times, a number of reports of e cigarette users being thrown out of bars and restaurants (where smoking is not allowed) have come to light. And each time such an incident has been happening, their response is that they are not smoking a cigarette. When non-smokers are confronted with the facts associated with the non-harmful nature of e-cigs, they use weak reasoning’s to defend their actions.
Even though quite a few different kinds of liquids are used in many models, one of the most extensively used liquid is propylene glycol. 
This liquid has for long been considered safe for human consumption by the FDA
The problem lies in the lack of enough data to support the safety of inhaling the vapor. It is imperative for major e-cigarettemanufacturers like V2 Cigs and others to sit with the people at the FDA and find a category to fit electronic cigarettes. 
Until that time, you can buy your favorite e-cigs from a renowned supplier and kick your habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. The eCiggy is one such e-supplier of electronic cigarettes that is known for providing high quality products at discounted prices.  For more information on electronic cigarettes contact The eCiggy

3 Myths About Electronic Cigarettes Destroyed

Electronic Cigarette Myths
For people who are looking to quit smoking, smokeless cigarettes have been a superb option. But overtime, a list of myths has surrounded this option. Let’s take a look at three myths that hover around electronic cigarettes.

Myth #1: Fruit flavored smokeless cigarettes are used to lure young people.

Going by this rationale, the many healthcare companies manufacturing and marketing flavored cough drops would have shut down by now. So it is wrong to target electronic cigarette companies for marketing to a young crowd just because they use fruity flavoring. Flavoring is used only to improve the taste of the e-cigarette. In other words, it is an incorrect assumption made by people who are up in arms against electronic cigarettes.

Myth #2: Smokeless cigarette companies market deliberately to non-smokers.

In a majority of the cases, a consumer who is buying a smokeless cigarette is opting for this solution so as to steer clear of his/her habit of smoking tobacco-filled cigs. The fact is non-smokers are averse to the whole concept of smoking and the harm caused in the process, so they wouldn’t touch any type of stick, smokeless or otherwise. Basically, smokeless cigs are meant to help traditional smokers stop their bad habit.

Myth #3: E-cigarettes are filled with dangerous side effects.

Like any other new product, even smokeless cigarettes can cause a number of side effects in the beginning. But mostly, the side effects are nothing but the withdrawal symptoms experienced from quitting traditional smoking. The reality is that smokeless cigarettes do not emit all the toxic substances that traditional cigs do and they carry 4000 less chemicals.
e-cigarettes are here to stay. As more and more people are accepting e-cigs, there has been a huge rise in the number of companies offering these products. One of the leading suppliers of e-cigs, The eCiggy has been at the forefront of providing top quality products at low prices. They are an authorized dealer of top notch manufacturers like V2 Cigs and carry a variety of V2 cartridges.  Visit their website today to find out more information.

3 Merits and 3 Demerits of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
If you want to try electronic cigarettes then a disposable e-cig is a good way to start.  Disposable e-cigs are sold at convenience and drug stores at prices in the range of $10 each.  This allows you to get a feel for electronic cigarettes before you make the leap and purchase your starter kit.   It's important to do your research and find a reliable manufacture who also makes disposables.   There are a lot of cheap disposable e-cigs on the market that could give you the wrong impression.

A disposable e-cigarette package usually consists of a complete e-cigarette that contains a non-rechargeable battery and liquid-filled cartridge. When the battery stops working or the cartridge becomes empty, you throw away the entire cigarette. Mostly, one disposable e-cigarette lasts about as long as one to two packs of cigarettes. A $9.99 disposable e-cigarette is a superb offer considering that a pack of normal cigarettes costs $6.
The longevity of disposables is directly dependent on how often you inhale on the e-cigarette. Let’s take a look at some of the merits and demerits of this type of e-cigarette.
Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Merits
  1. It is easily the most reasonable way to try an electronic cigarette 
  2. Disposable e-cigarette doesn’t require refilling or recharging
  3. It is available at a number of locations that supply cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Demerits
  1. It has a short life compared to rechargeable e-cigarettes (with refillable cartridges)
  2. Often only available in regular or menthol flavors and it is usually only available in midrange to excessive nicotine levels
  3. It can be quite expensive in the long run if it is purchased repeatedly

All in all, disposable e-cigs are a good option but its short life makes it seem dull when compared with rechargeable cigarettes. Ultimately, it is you, the user, who has to decide what your exact budget and preferences are. Whether you want something that is inexpensive or whether you wish to go for something that is longer lasting is completely your decision.
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Precautions When Using Electronic Cigarettes

All of us agree that the use and consumption of chemicals can be extremely harmful in the long run. Products like tobacco pose a number of risks to the human health. This is where technology has been playing the role of the messiah. The inception of electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) has made it possible for people to get the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette but minus many of the negatives present in the traditional cancer stick. 
Now a number of companies are now manufacturing various brands, forms, and flavors of electronic cigarette.
One of the key advantages of electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco cigarettes is that they are safer to use. But still people find faults in e-cigs, faults that are rooted in the incorrect usage of the e-cigarette. It is important to be aware of the exact procedure of using electronic cigarettes. 
  1. First and foremost, e-cigarette users should ensure that the batteries are completely charged. When smoking an e-cigarette when its batteries are properly charged, it will provide smooth functioning and operation. 
  2. Also, when you buy an electronic cigarette kit, it is pivotal to go through the user’s guide comprehensively. The user guide contains crucial info on how to assemble the e-cigarette.  It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The eCiggy Electronic Cigarettes

Most of the times, the liquid content in an e-cigarette can be refilled. If your electronic cigarette can't be refilled then most likely you will replace the refill cartridge which already contains the liquid.  
You must ensure that when you buy your e-cigarette refills, you use the services of a well-respected and licensed manufacturer. Furthermore, e-cigarette liquid refills must have expiration dates that are clearly labeled on the packaging.
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